Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton

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As I told you exclusively on Truth Lies & Ted this week about Hillary and Barack (and you thought I just blabbed about Paris' panties, and such, oh, please), there exists very much a plan for Clinton's supporters to try and keep Obama from getting elected this year—or 2012.

With H.C.'s implicit approval, I'm loose-lipped from the Potomac's banks, some of the former first lady's big-money supporters are withholding their blessings, financial and otherwise, toward the lanky senator for this year's election in hopes that he won't win, natch, giving Hillary a supposedly better opportunity at taking the Oval Office in 2012. At least, that's the plan I'm assured is most def in the works. But will it work?

"As long as she continues to strengthen her Senate record and continues campaigning (as she always does) and gets her husband reined in and back to doing more worldly travels/good deeds," sassed our most influential member of DeskCee—which has never been wrong, not once, in these predictions—Clinton still does have a most decided chance at taking the top-dog seat next time. "I think most experts would agree," added DDC, which, according to my fave detractors, is a bunch of overtaxed A.T. interns, too funny!

Funnier still is the notion that Donald Trump seems so set on: Desk D thinks a Clinton-Obama ticket would be a shoo-in for 2012, that is, if we have Vice President Palin building bridges to Greenland, before then.

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