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Feelin' a bit nostalgic for a simpler time (which def wouldn't be our childhood), we chitchatted with the cast of the '60s chain-smoking show Mad Men at the Emmys Writers' fete on Thursday. The AMC drama scored a holy-Batman number of nominations, which means the whole friggin' cast and crew must have superinflated egoes now, no? "They all had big heads before," said silver fox John Slattery, up for Best Supporting Male. "This just justified their horrible behavior now."

Added MM blonde January Jones: "Sixteen nominations is major. We're all surprised, but we're really excited. If we win one out of 16, we'll be happy."

What makes the show so damn popular, we asked, is it the fascination with the '60s? "I think people like to live vicariously through old glamorous—and sexy—times," said the tall, dark and debonair Jon Hamm, who def knows something about steaminess. Jonny's also up for an Emmy Sunday night, for Lead Actor in a Drama, so just in case Michael C. Hall slaughters voters for a Dexter win, we wanted to know Hamm-hon's Emmy speech in advance. " I won't! I won't do that. But I really hope the show wins." C'mon, you can say it—you hope you win. No shame in that.

Seems like the biggest thing on TV right now, besides your snazzy-dressed show, is the election. So how ya gonna compete for ratings? Said redheaded MM honey Christina Hendricks, "I hope people are watching the election—I wouldn't discourage that in any way. I hope we come in second to that."

So we know Mad Men is being watched by basically everyone—what's on your boob tube? "I'm really happy America's Next Top Model is back," said J2. What about Paris' new BFF show, are you superpsyched for it as much as we are? "I'm pretending I didn't hear that," Jan groaned. "I'm looking forward to that as much as I'm looking forward to The Rachel Zoe Project." Bet R.Z.'s happy to hear that, even if it was sarcastic.

Is there any TV you won't you tune into? John S. shrugged, said he "TiVos America's Funniest Videos...So there's nothing I won't watch. I'm not above watching anything." Which is clearly better than J2's admission: "I don't watch my own show half the time." Jeez, you're like the only one, babe. Get on that.

Additional sass by Becky Bain

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