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After a looong break, the superpowered Heroes finally return to TV next Monday with all-new episodes.

As mentioned before, oh, only about a gazillion times, the season premiere is not to be missed (funny and fast and smart and thrilling and shocking), and the third season is shaping up to be so satisfying you'll forget all about those silly season-two missteps.

That's what you should know about the new season. So what is it that you shouldn't know? Well, I've talked to all of the cast members at various events lately and have done a little digging among sources, and here are the 10 secrets you need to know about the new season, including info on who's switching teams, who's got a secret child (cue Jerry Springer!) and who's been recruiting villains...

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

1. Good Is Going Evil, and Evil Is Going Good: Our beloved Peter Petrelli, aka Milo Ventimiglia, revealed: "It's not clearly defined in this volume who's bad and who's necessarily good. I think a lot of people who have been perceived to be bad could possibly be good, and I think a lot of people that are good could possibly be bad." Hmm...Why do the names Sylar and Peter pop to mind?

2. Linderman Is Back and Recruiting Villains: Malcolm McDowell's mysterious and powerful Linderman, who has the power to heal, returns from the dead this season (Nathan is the first to see him). Malcolm told me, "I work with Cristine Rose, who plays Angela Petrelli, and I work with Brea Grant, who plays, Daphne, Miss Speedy. She's great; I recruit her. Oh, and I work with Robert Forster, who is Arthur Petrelli." Wait a minute, in a flashback or a future scene? That's a juicy bit to chomp on!

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3. Hiro Has His Mind Wiped: In an upcoming episode, Hiro thinks he's 10, which means Ando has to save the world and babysit at the same time. No dessert until you save the world, little Hiro!

4. Peter and Sylar Will Be Working Together: Milo spilled that there will be unlikely alliances this year as well: "There are moments where Sylar and Peter are surprisingly working together, oddly enough. But these two guys can't deny who they are at their cores. They are yin to yang." I'm also hearing that HRG will be partnering up with someone you would never expect...

5. Alert Child Services: Sylar's Going to Have a Baby! According to sources, the creepiest mother-killer around, Sylar, has a son in the future. Apparently his son is "gifted" in many ways, and his first name is Noah, just like HRG. Quite an interesting namesake, don't you think? Any bets on the baby mama? All I can tell you is that I'm pretty sure she will make a lot of you fans (who may have created a fanpage or two around this possible coupling) very happy.

Jack Coleman, Heroes

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6. Noah Bennett Is Still a Bad Guy: Don't worry. Even though HRG has been nicer lately, Jack Coleman assured me, "You'll see plenty of villainy from HRG this year, I can promise you that." Hmmm...Maybe that has something to do with that Sylar alliance I mentioned earlier?

7. Another Eclipse Is Coming: According to James Kyson Lee, when the series' iconic eclipse returns, it seems to reverse the power-accelerating effects of the first eclipse. He said, "Hiro's powers aren't working, and neither are many other people's powers. I think we'll see this phenomenon happens around the world and that everyone is affected by it." I spy a falling fly guy!

8. The Speedster Has a Husband and a Child in the Future: Brea Grant's Daphne is a mom in the future. Who's her baby daddy? "Probably with someone you know and love." Pair that with the information that Sylar's son's mother is "alive and silver-tongued" and you've got a second theory on his baby's mama. (Still, my money's on the fan favorite mentioned above.)

Dania Ramirez

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9. Maya Changes the World: According to Dania Ramirez, "I think you're going to finally understand why Maya was even added to the cast. You'll see how, in Suresh trying to help her, she changes the course of life, for not only him, but also for a lot of other people."

10. The Haitian Has a Family...and Secrets: The fabulous Jimmy-Jean Louis dished, "They're introducing my brother. And it's good for the audience because they get a little bit of information about the Haitian."

Oh! And one last bonus secret, just because I cannot drive home how cool this twist is: There is a shocker in the second hour of Monday's premiere (at least, I'm pretty sure it's still there) regarding Sylar that just might make you scream, cry and spend the rest of the night thinking about how this changes the entire core dynamic of the show.

Zachary Quinto

Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

"Within those two hours, you're gonna find out some serious, serious business about my character," teased Zachary Quinto. You also find out definitively whether he eats those brains, but that's not the big shocker...

Sounds pretty good, huh?

The two-hour season premiere of Heroes, Volume 3: Villains, premieres Monday on NBC at 9 p.m. Check it out and then come by here after it airs for the first Heroes Redux of the new season.

And post your theories/guesses/rants/raves in the comments below...

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams

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