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Color us not surprised by Chris Brown's recent bad-boy behavior.

We kept our mouths shut when Chris became the golden boy of the Grammys (even though we could hardly stand to watch), but we're simply still in shock at the female fan base that's responded so positively to Brown's slick moves—both personally and professionally. It's almost like a certain beating never took place.

So we have to ask, what's with the free ride to forgiveness on such a serious sitch?!

Sorry dolls, but in our humble opinion, domestic violence cannot be danced around.

We must admit—we're stunned as ever at the response to Chris' Twitter rants. Not only did he react to his Grammy win in an entirely classless way, with expletive tweets and immature comments, but some women can't get enough of Brown's antics, even tweeting he could beat them up any day.

To which we say: this is getting totally effed up.

Remember, this is the same dude who assaulted then-GF Rihanna very violently just three short years ago (and later said he was done apologizing), only to follow up with homophobic slurs, pity parties galore and another violent run-in on GMA, when he threw a chair at a window. Oh but wait—he completed all his anger management classes.

And really, we're all about second chances over at Team Truth, but a second chance comes with remorse, an attitude makeover and, dare we say, an apology? And from Chris Brown, we've seen no such behavior, at least thus far.

But we think the real power lies in the female fan base. Women need to stand up and make a statement to show that behavior like Brown's cannot and will not be tolerated—if that's the vote.

As for the women who've already spoken out? Well, both sides have been shared—Miranda Lambert called the performance totally "not cool" but The View cohost Sherri Shepherd defended the dude, insisting he deserved another chance.

So we ask for a gal-readers-only decision to sound off on Brown's code of conduct.

Awful¿s Girl¿s-Only Bad-Boy Brown Poll!
How should the female fan base respond to Chris Brown¿s recent behavior?
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