Avril Lavigne, M.I.A.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Jun Sato/Getty ImagesAvril Lavigne

Fashion Week just rolled out of New Yawk, but we think it shoulda stayed a bit longer, since it looks like we're in desperately dire need of a redo. Avril Lavigne recently unveiled her new style line Abbey Dawn, and if you thought Av's hot pink highlights were poseur-iffic, just take a look at A.L.'s runway walk, filled with more fuchsia faux punk than you could ever imagine.

It's as if the exasperating experience of listening to one of the skull 'n' crossbones-wearin' Canadian's songs were converted into clothes. Girl needs to stick to what she does best—spitting at the paparazzi.

Then there's U.K. babe M.I.A.'s new line, NEET, which stands for "Not in Education, Employment or Training." Also, not in our closets, or anyone we'd walk down the street with without shame. We love this gal's totally un-Avril tunes (that is, original, energetic and unique), but her musical talent doesn't translate to designer skills.

M's bold Mexican- and African-inspired prints are daring, yeah, but that doesn't mean they're pretty to look at. Or wear. And they ain't affordable—more than $200 for a jacket? You expect your young fans to spend their allowance on prints you can get for five bucks over the border?

Lavigne's and M.I.A.'s lines are additions to the long list of young female celebs who think being a fashionista is the next logical step in stardom. Lauren Conrad's collection of ultrapricey, blah duds and Heidi Montag's Li'l Prostitute-lookin' line, Heidiwood, are already giving girls the wrong impression about how to show themselves off to the world.

Tomorrow's women are going to grow up dressed so hideously. It's times like this we wish everyone would just walk around naked.

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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