Sarah Palin, Barack Obama

James Devaney/Getty Images; AP Photo/Al Grillo

It ain’t too pretty deep inside Camp Obama, our great black hope for ridding this country of the good ol’ boy network that’s been darkening our freedom skies for too many years.

“It’s official,” strategists deep inside Barack Obama’s campaign reveal exclusively to the Awful Truth. “People are worried.”

Yeah, blame a little moose-hunting missile named Sarah Palin for that one, baby. Clearly. Doncha just love the instapundits who declared McCain’s campaign to be “over” as soon as his running mate choice of the Alaskan huntress was announced? Really rich stuff. But back to Barack’s current efforts to regroup after the Sarah surge:

Key insiders currently frantically toiling for Obama are “scrambling to shore up existing blue states and go after at least one red state,” pipes a top mover ‘n’ shaker for the prez-aspiring senator (who really oughta cool it with the Streisand types, I say, it just sets him up for more blasting by McCain).

These same political advisers are also, I’m told, bulking up senior-level communications and strategy staff in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maryland—not huge Electoral College states, and all of them traditionally blue states. Seems a bit strange, no? To be putting such resources in places with such small electoral counts? Well, it’s because Obamaites wholly expect the race to be even tighter than 2000 was between Gore and Bush, and everybody thinks there’s going to be another Florida.

But it’s just going to happen to be—you guessed it—Vermont, New Hampshire or Maryland. Unless it’s West Virginia, a traditionally red state, but which B.O.’s also pumping up with his peeps. It’s gonna be pretty scary ‘n’ tight, everybody, prepare yourselves. Barack is.

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