Vince Vaughn, Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton

Queen / Getty Images; Jeff Frank/ZUMA Press; John Shearer / Getty Images

Vince Vaughn, workin’ on his fitness in Griffith Park. Double V was up bright ‘n’ early on a sunny Hell-Ay Tuesday, hiking through Bronson Canyon. An actor up before lunchtime? Unheard of. Vincy-kins donned shorts and a sweaty tee (you expected something crisp, tight and Toothy-esque?). Jen's whatever-ex walked down the hill with some workout buds, wasn’t too outta breath, how fab. Good thing, too, since dude’s been livin’ on the softer side, lately—he could use the exercise. Do you remember when this guy actually had a jawline? Was divine! Almost as much as…

Nicole Richie, gassin’ up a big black SUV in H'wood. Was a little on the dirty side, the car, not Nic, who looked simply smashing in big-butt shades and that darling huge scarf thing over her forehead, so Bel-Air bohemian, très adorable. N.R. was gabbing with a g-friend (not Paris, we assure you) who was riding shotgun and just headin’ out on her merry pap-free way. No wonder she was smiling. Plus, Nicole was in the middle of a luscious gabfest, what better elixir could there be for a broad on a ho-hum mission? And yes, Ms. R. drove the correct direction on the street. Cutting a less-direct path through far chicer environs were Richie domestic archnemeses...

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden, having a chic booze-sponsored din-din at the swanky but quasi-sleazy Chateau, a spot us AT types adore. Private Svedka soiree. Jermaine Dupri, Nicky Hilton and her rich BF, David Katzenberg, all showed up and watched P ‘n’ B coo, if a bit shakily, all over each other. What, is Paris trying to make up for that time B was outta town and she supposedly hit the bathroom with Doug Reinhardt? Just an innocent question from an innocent goss, nothing more.

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