Joel McHale, Mail Nurse

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From Devyn: Soup you are the funniest show host ever haha. i dont think alot of people get your sense of humor and think that your show is stupid but i get it! 
In your astute assessment of the show, you have much in common with Abraham Lincoln, Devyn. As our late president once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” While fooling all the people all the time is obviously the goal of The Soup, we know that it’s just not going to happen. But with your support and that of folks like you, we can keep the dream alive.

From evan.ayars: I just want Joel to know that he is SEXY and the Gays love you!
Thanks gays!

From dave: Thanks alot Soup. My wife named our dog Mankini. I hate to tell people our dog's name is Mankini. I wanted to name him Nacho. He is a chiweenie.
So, by “our dog” you mean your penis, right?

Blond Lou

E! Networks

From Volsen: Joel & Lou are a great team. My grandson & I stop everything to watch The Soup & see who is going to get trashed. Is Lou Joel’s dog, or the network's? Thanks Volson, good to know that the show is helping to bridge the generation gap, a job once occupied by Prell shampoo. You tweeners can Google that. As for Lou, he’s had a deep business and personal relationship with Joel for many years. Lou certainly does not belong to E!, though rumor has it that the network is in talks to create a stud farm for the prodigious canine, so that little Lous can be sent out on the road to promote the show. For more about Lou (and his sex life) click here.

From nprocko: Am I the only one who thinks that the chorus kid from high school musical stole those dance moves from the numa numa guy?
No, nprocko, you’re not the only one. There are two people in Indiana who think that, and also that girl over there. No, not her, behind her. Next to the vending machine. Yeah, her.

From Brianne: I just want to let you know that Spaghetti Cat made it onto the cover of National Geographic Kids' October issue.
Thanks for the heads up, Brianne. Good to know we’re spreading the Soup message to the young. Next stop, CosmoGirl.

From danger1831: you guys are the S--T.... i LOVE JOEL the whole show everything, the staff is crazy i love it.
Thanks, Danger. We’re extremely proud that you and so many others consider us to be the s--t. After years of hard work and dedication, it’s gratifying to be able to claim the mantle of the s--t, a level that few truly achieve. Going forward, we hope the show will continue to satisfy your cravings for the s--t, and when you feel those cravings, you’ll reach for the ultimate s--t, The Soup.  

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