Tobey Maguire, Ruby Sweetheart Maguire


We told ya more than two weeks ago that despite comic-book nerds and H'wood types alike saying otherwise about the fate of the next two Spider-Man movies, it wasn't a done deal for Tobey Maguire to star in Spidey 4 and 5. Now today comes word that Tobes has been granted even bigger benefits than a multimillion-dollar payday—T.M. will have "family time," meaning he'll have early mornings and evenings off during the six-month shoot so he can spend time with his 22-month-old tot, Ruby.

This is exactly why we exclusively told ya T's chances weren't set in stone for the web slinger just quite yet. Hey, at least it was for respectable reasons as opposed to holding out for more money. Well, not just more money.

Now that Mr. Maguire's made a first-time arrangement that no other celeb has ever scored before, what other superstar dads are gonna finagle this into their contracts? You bet Brad'll be the first to follow Tobes on this one, and any studio willing to work with the Mr. Jolie again will have to say yes to his daddy demands. We bet even childless chumps will start settling down just to get a sweeter deal when doing flicks.

So expect Shia LaBeouf to knock up a Gossip Girl or someone similar by the end of the year.

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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