Gray and Black Kitten

Krista Kennell/

Internet pundits and blogging insiders have declared that, at this point, today's posts on the Soup Blog are particularly lame. "Usually there are at least a couple things that are funny, but the stuff on the site is weak at best, even for a Tuesday," offered one observer. So far, Blog boss Peter Gilstrap has not issued a statement. "We've heard rumors of a hangover and the 'slow news day' excuse, also that he's been sighted staring off into space at his cubicle, which indicates the classic tuna versus tacos prelunch posture."

An early indication of lameness is the posting of two animal-related videos this morning. "Cute animal posts are low-hanging fruit," said the source. "Easy pickin's. No punch lines or high concepts needed. Gilstrap doesn't even need to make up fake quotes from people that don't exist like he usually does." Despite the poor, uninspired quality of today's work, hopes are still high for a late-afternoon payoff. "There's always the chance that some celebrity will do something stupid, or a Mail Nurse post will pop up that'll save Gilstrap's ass at the last minute. It's happened before," the source commented. "We've got our fingers crossed."  

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