Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston

We here at the Soup Blog love following the life, love and worship habits of tween queen Miley Cyrus, so imagine our delight when we saw this photo, snapped last Sunday when Miley and her new special friend, Nashville Star's Justin Gaston, were leaving church.

Not everyone was delighted, however, namely God. “I gave this girl looks, talent, made her a superstar, and she shows up to my place dressed for a rodeo,” moaned the miffed Supreme Being, according to Blog sources in heaven. “I give and I give, and this is the thanks I get? Oy!”

The Lord stated that he felt particularly upset about Cyrus’ alleged new boyfriend. “I hooked her up with a sweet kid. This Justin’s a real looker, and he models underwear, can you believe that? Makes plenty of money, sings the country stuff, and yet look how he dresses—like a 42nd Street hustler. How’s about losing the wife-beater and hopping into a suit? Like that would kill him? They could both stand a trip to JCPenney, if you ask me.”

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