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Time to start figuring out that TiVo lineup! And I am here to help (as best I can).

This week we're counting down the five new series that are Your Best Bets for Fall. As you may have gathered by now, this TV season is a wee bit tricky because (a) there are so few new offerings, (b) we press types have been shown so very little and (c) of what we've seen, quite frankly, there is so very little to be excited about.

Thankfully, though, there are a handful of series that are most definitely worth your time, and I recommend you set your DVR now to make sure you don't miss 'em, starting with my favorite grown man in Huggies...

Fall TV Preview Watch with Kristin 2008

Premieres: Mon., Sept. 22 @ 9:30 p.m.
Starring: Kyle Bornheimer, Erinn Hayes, Nancy Lenehan, Kurtwood Smith

Why You Should Watch: While driving down the street, you may have asked yourself, "Why is that man on that billboard up there in a giant diaper?" I'll tell you why, because he has no shame, and the worst luck ever! That's basically the premise of CBS's latest and greatest comedy, Worst Week, which is guaranteed to make you laugh (especially if you are comfortable with slightly uncomfortable humor, à la The Office). It is single-camera (no laugh track), and HIMYM aside, perhaps smarter, edgier and funnier than any CBS comedy you've seen before.

Sam Briggs (Bornheimer) and his fiancée Mel (Erinn Hayes) are headed to break the news to her parents (played by the wickedly funny Kurtwood Smith and Nancy Lenehan) that Sam has knocked her up and they are getting hitched. Turns out, trying to break this news is the least of his problems, since Sam can't walk two steps without creating a cringe-worthy, butt-gusting catastrophe.

All and all, Sam is just one big-hearted guy who can't catch a break, and that's what makes this show so entertaining. From revealing the news that Mel's dad is dead (he's not), to telephone hilarity (skills Bornheimer honed with his T-Mobile ads), there's never a dull moment on Worst Week.

Kyle Bornheimer

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

During our countdown for the Stars You'll Love, lead Kyle Bornheimer hit our list at number two, and for good reason: His dead-on comedic timing and sheer likeability make this show one of fall's most promising prospects.

Also, if you like bodily humor, there's plenty in the premiere, mostly thanks to that diaper we mentioned before and possibly some urine-marinated goose (mmm...delicious!)

Bottom Line: Watch it, love it and repeat this mantra: You don't have it so bad after all.

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