Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus was pictured next to a boy so you know what that means? New possible boyfriend!

This muscular dude taking Miley and fam to church is 20-year-old Justin Gaston, and he's the perfect example of how weirdly connected this crazy town of Hollywood is. Check it:

He was a contestant on this past season of Nashville hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus, he also just starred in Taylor Swift’s new music video “Love Story” and she’s like totally dating Joe Jonas who is brother to Nick, whom Miley calls her first love and is probably trying to make jealous by walking next to a hot piece. It’s a spider web of high school drama that’s pretty impossible not to get caught in.

That's not all we know, either...

Mr. Handsome is also an underwear model (nice!) and photographed here wearing a hoop earring in each ear (ew!).

So, do you think they’re actually dating or just one of those nice media relationships where Justin gets noticed in order to get his career moving and Miley gets to show Nick how desirable she is? Or could Miles be playing us Lilo-style? Whatever, keep doing it, Miley, it's all we got going on anymore...Well, besides Sarah Palin dramz.

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