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Supernatural is the back! The fabulous monster-hunting adventure series returns this Thursday, and not only do I have scoop for you on the season to come, I've got exclusive photos of Mama (Amy Gumenick) and Papa (Matthew Cohen) Winchester when they were young, plus Mitch Pileggi as Grandaddy Winchester! Want to see the family album? Click in!

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Amy Gumenick

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Tammy in Van Nuys, Calif.: Hey Kristin! How are you? I am a huge Supernatural fan and I mean huge! Can you tell me anything new about the upcoming season four?
The first two eps are amongst the best Supernatural episodes I've ever seen—the series mythology gets a whole new layer, and it is fascinating. (Plus, tell all your friends who've never watched before that they can start Thursday, and they won't miss a beat.) Dean (Jensen Ackles) is yanked bodily out of hell by a mysterious force that leaves handprint-shaped brands on his body. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's reunion will make you sniffle a little and cheer a lot because as Dean puts it, "The smart brother's back," and that means it's time to get back down to business, baby.

Zee: OnSupernatural, is there any word on whether Sam will retain his powers this season? Will Dean find out?
Sam does indeed still have powers, he does use them, and Dean doesn't witness the event, so as far as I can tell, Dean remains in the dark.

Laura in London, England: Where's the scoop on the guy playing the mysterious and potentially recurring Castiel? He better be hot enough to fit in with Jensen and Jared!
Castiel (Misha Collins) is radioactively hot, as well as having the most adorably tousled hair in the history of adorably tousled hair. (A leetle too much mousse, but whatever, it works.) Oh, and when I say radioactively hot, I almost mean literally.

Nas in Canada: In Supernatural, is Lilith still the Big Bad after the brothers?
There's a potential bigger bad than Lilith this season, but Lilith is the one working to release him, so she's the primary antagonist for the time being.

Supernatural, Matt Cohen, Jensen Ackles

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Berri in Stockton, Mass.: Tell me more about the Winchester family!
OK! The upcoming family-hour episode is called "In the Beginning," and according to the CW, "Dean is transported back in time and is shocked when he lands in Lawrence, Kan. However, that shock turns to amazement after he runs into a young John Winchester (Matthew Cohen, pictured above) and Mary (Amy Gumenick, pictured above left with Jensen) who have just fallen in love. Dean isn't sure why he was sent back so he begins to enjoy the time with his parents and newfound grandfather (Mitch Pileggi, pictured below), who may be hiding a secret that is key to Sam and Dean's entire predicament."

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Amy Gumenick, Mitch Pileggi, Allison Hossak

Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

So, what do you guys think of the casting? Matthew Cohen is a perfect young Jeffrey Dean Morgan, no? Post your take in the comments, and celebrate that there are only four more days until Supernatural returns, on Thurs., Sept. 18 at 9 p.m. with all-new episodes! And if there's something you want to know about Supernatural that I didn't answer here, email me at, and I'll try to get you answers later today!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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