Michael Lohan

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Here we go again! The Michael Lohan paternity saga continues...

Does Lindsay Lohan have a new little half-sister... Or not?

In an effort to answer that question, Daddy Michael says he offered to fly the woman he had a brief affair with in the mid '90s out to California, where Michael is staying while working on a charity benefit for his church, to finally have that much talked about DNA test.

But Kristi Kauffman has so far not accepted Michael's offer to fly out with her now 13-year-old daughter, Ashley.

"If she's so eager to prove I'm the father, why wouldn't she come out and get it over with," Michael said. "It's at no expense to her. I've offered to pay for everything. She just needs to get on a plane."

Michael, whose father passed away late last month, says Kristi served him papers at his father's wake, demanding retroactive child support payments.

But Michael says he doesn't have to pay unless a DNA test proves he's the dad.

"If I'm her father, I'll do what's right," Michael said. "But I won't know that for sure until a test by an independent laboratory says so."

 Earlier, the two sides said they would go to a laboratory chosen by a family court judge in the case. But Michael now says it does not have to be a court-appointed lab, just one that both sides can consider to be "independent." 

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