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Are paparazzi off their game. All signs point to yes after the airport-based shooters got snookered by a faux Jamie Lynn Spears.

An incident that transpired at Los Angeles International Airport this week—a Kanye West-less incident—is currently under review by the Los Angeles Police Department after a group of officers appeared to buck department policy and give the younger Spears an escort from her paparazzi-flanked terminal.

The problem: It wasn't actually Spears, simply a look-alike. And, based on photographic evidence, not an entirely convincing one at that.

Plus, police say, they weren't trying to fake out the photogs.

The shutterbugs were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Britney's kid sis at the airport on Wednesday. She was due to arrive with baby Maddie Briann in tow for some Spears family quality time. The paps apparently made the assumption their target had arrived when faced with a diminutive, camera-shy, sunglass-wearing blonde.

The fact that she was surrounded by more than a few uniformed LAPD officers informing the crowd to "to keep backing up" and "keep moving" probably didn't bring any clarity to the situation.

But a police spokesman says that the officers in question were merely "following the crowd" to the baggage area and doing their job protecting passengers, including the woman who had a resemblance to Spears who paparazzi simply assumed was her.

"We've never used the word 'decoy,' so I don't know where that came from," LAPD Sgt. Jim Holcomb tells E! News. "I think someone got the best of them [the paparazzi]."

About 100 not-so-eagle-eyed photographers and 50 Delta employees were also duped by the doppelganger, allowing Jamie Lynn to slip out unnoticed through another exit.

The sergeant also discounted a TMZ report that the LAPD officers concocted the ruse to stump the shutterbugs and now faced possible punishment.

While the alleged switcheroo is currently under review, Holcomb said such debriefings are standard practice.

—Additional reporting by Matt Donnelly

(Originally published Sept. 12, 2008 at 10:18 p.m. PT.)

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