Remember two weeks ago when Diddy complained that gas prices were too high for him to use his own private jet, forcing him to fly commercial, and then you all sympathetically responded (“my heart bleeds, poor tortured soul”)?

Then someone got a little overzealous and decided to research if Diddy even owned a private jet, and the investigation turned up that he only owned a fraction of one.

Now, Diddy has taken to his vlog to explain that he does in fact own only part of a plane—a wing—and it’s registered under the name “Ciroc Obama.”

What this all comes down to is Diddy needs to lay off the Internet for a while. He’s supposed to be a star—he doesn’t need to respond to every bit of Internet drama with a video. His random “jogging is awesome” and “we need more black superheroes” vlogs are entertaining and interesting, but if he doesn’t tone it down, he’s going to wear out his YouTube welcome.

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