City in Colour, Canadian Music Cafe 2008

Sonia Mansillo / E!

City and Colour (or Dallas Green if you want to get personal) is surprisingly humourous if you take his melancholy musings into account (case in point, from 'Death of Me'—"My nerves will be the death of me, I know"). The St. Catharines, Ontario-born singer effortlessly weaved jokes into his set at the TIFF Canadian Music Café today while he tuned his guitar.

"I wanted one of those guitars that tune themselves like Joni Mitchell has, so I mentioned it at a show once," Dallas quipped in between songs, "but someone from the audience yelled, 'She has arthritis!' So I guess I should be glad I can tune mine myself." His guitar, a 1944 model, is well-worn and sounds great.

The jokes were juxtaposed with Dallas - beautiful and deceptively simple melodies, which he played solo. "I take my music seriously, but I don't take myself seriously," he told me after the show. "I get that from my father, that's where I learned to be funny."

He does admit to being a big worrier, "I dwell on the worst parts of things," he says. "My favourite time is when I'm skateboarding. I don't think about anything, 'cause if you focus on anything else, you'll fall."

Dallas, who just came off tour with his other band, Alexisonfire, hasn't had a chance to schmooze with the celebs in town for TIFF. But he does want his songs to appear in movies, "I'd love to have a song in a movie," he says, "There are a lot of great moments in movies are that much better when a great song comes on." He joked that "Like Knives" could be featured in Keanu's next big Romance flick. (We'll try to get the word out to Keanu's people.)

City and Colour's newest album, named after a Charles Bukowski novel, Bring Me Your Love, was released in February.

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