Winona Ryder

Brad Barket/Getty Images

When attending a Fashion Week event, chances are you probably aren't gonna look as glam as the models on the runway do, but at least try a little, wouldncha, Winona?

Ms. Ryder was seen stepping out in New Yawk in a shiny black ensemble topped off with unmatching pink heels that belong on a whole different person. Is this what happens when you buy your stuff instead of steal it, babe? Now, we know you so love the dark 'n' dreary stuff, what with your depressed dame biz in Girl, Interrupted and your goth girl getout in Beetlejuice. But this noir nightmare—with leggings, dear God—just ain't workin'.

Plus, your coif looks like Posh's new 'do but caught in a downpour. Just add a beehive, ballet flats and some blood and Winona could play Amy Winehouse in a biopic of the singer's likely short life. That's how pale, sickly and out of sorts this once über-popular It girl has become. It's been a slippery slope since the Saks incident, hasn't it, hon? We hope ya get back in the spotlight, soon—and we're talking about a tanning bed.

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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