Brody Jenner, Lauran Conrad

Mike Guastella/Getty Images

Ran into that Kardashian relative, the one with the rosiest cheeks of all, Brody Jenner. Was at Kitson shooting a scene for his upcoming show, Bromance. "I'm comfortable with my sexuality," B.J. (what lovely initials!) bellowed when I asked him about the slightly homo-innuendo nature of the show, which is ostensibly about dude bonding and such.

Jenner's so comfy, indeed, he confirmed he is—as has been gossed 'bout—conducting some of his future bro-delving moments in a hot tub, wearing what, he teased, we'd have to wait and see.

Any chance your Hills ex, Lauren Conrad, is ever gonna get in some bubbly water with you again, I asked? "Sure," he said, hesitating. "So, there's a chance you'll take her back?" I pressed. "She'll take me back?" the dame-juggler asked, slightly incredulously. Yeah, why not, I offered. We love our Lauren. "Uh, yeah, if she wants," B.J. piped, not exactly convincingly.

And what about this new playmate hon named Jayde Brody's been partying so superlate with? "Just friends," he responded evenly, not exactly in the friendliest tone. This only a day after E! News reports of the two kissing, in some very public places. Which, 'course, means, Jayde's gonna so have to get outta the Jacuzzi before Lauren could ever hope to get back in. Like she ever would.

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