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Whose style is more on-point: Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez? Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not routing for anyone.
—Prep Gurl

If you submitted this question so that I would start a flame war in our comments pitting Selena's hypersanitized faux-rock wardrobe against Miley's lollipop-colored slutwear, then congratulations! Done!

In brief: Miley Cyrus has great style, all right, but it's the style of a 21-year-old velvet-rope-jumping club bunny: dresses with push-up bustiers, short skirts that go up to mid-thigh.

"She's 15, but looks like an adult," says Corinne Phipps, founder and lead stylist at Urban Darling. "What does that leave for when she's 21, Madonna cone boobs?"

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, is like a walking peppermint stick compared with Miley. Here's what I mean, and what stylists have to say about her look:

Any good Tiger Beat reader already knows that Gomez owns more than 20 pair of Converse sneakers.

"They're the only shoes I wear," she enthused to People.

Eee! Don't you just want to pinch her? Really really hard?

Combine that Converse collection with a penchant for bright, stripey pants, fun graphic tees and multicolored fingerless gloves, and you've got yourself some Selena. I thought it was all rather adorable, like a Raggedy Ann worth eight bajillion dollars, but I may be alone.

"I would say her style is a little more grungy," mulls Patrick T. Cooper, who recently styled a national Coca-Cola billboard ad. "She needs to bring more of a wow factor if she wants to compete with Miley Cyrus."

Do they make training cone bras?

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