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I feel like a total creep asking this (I'm too old to be thinking about them!), but I'm a fashion student and I simply must know: Do the Jonas Brothers have a stylist? What are some of the labels they wear most?
—Chelsey, Austin, Texas

The Jonas Brothers say they have a stylist named Michelle Tomaszewski. She puts them in L. Lindeberg and Dior. Just in case you hope to run into Nick at your hometown Dior boutique, let me crush that teen fever dream forthwith. "She brings the clothes to us," Nick told the Virginian-Pilot in July.

Really? Is Jennifer Lopez the only A-lister who doesn't smoke?

No. She is the only B-lister who does not smoke.

In your bio, it says you know everything. Does that mean you're (what I call) a Leo Sister, which would also mean you celebrated a birthday in July or August?

Not as such.

Celebs sell baby pics to the magazines for millions, with the excuse of keeping paparazzi from reaping the profits. But how much would a paparazzi really get for an exclusive first shot of Nicole Kidman's, Halle Berry's, Matt Damon's or anyone else's new baby?
—Claire, Kansas

Anywhere from $1.5 million to $5 million.

Hi Answer B!tch, love the column! Do stars only tend to hang out with other stars on their own "status" level, for example B-list with B-list and C-list with C-list? I don't think there's a likelihood of Lauren Conrad and Keira Knightley being BFFs...
—Elizabeth, Boston

No, but George Clooney and Richard Kind are friends. So are Katie Holmes and Posh, though an argument could be made that Holmes is quickly sinking to Victoria's C-list level. And I, of course, allow my B!tchling, Matthew, to iron kiss the lapels of my Bottega Veneta wardrobe.

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