In what can only be interpreted as a desperate cry for help, Tyra Banks has released a raw video plea begging viewers to supply topics for her show, which is apparently bankrupt of subject matter. After approaching studies such as I’m a Teen With an STD, I’m a Tall Woman Attracted to Short Men, My Family Teases Me for My Weight, Are You Tired of Constantly Competing With Your Mom for Men, The Internet Ruined My Life and Are You Tyra’s Biggest Fan (check, check and check!) Banks is demanding fans send in ideas that “are big, baby, headline-grabbing...big, explosive, baby, put out!”

The Soup Blog has obtained exclusive footage of what a Banks insider claims to be the debut episode of season four, "unless we can find something more explosive. "

Stated the Banks rep, "Two baby daddies in wheelchairs sword fighting isn't that great. But they do have STD's." 

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