Dolly Parton, Jessica Simpson, Kenny Rogers

Bruce Glikas / Getty Images, Edward Opinaldo,, Zuma

As the Sept. 9 release date for actress/singer/entrepreneur/blonde Jessica Simpson’s alleged country album, Do You Know, approaches, the Internet is abuzz over the title cut, a duet with Nashville legend Dolly Parton. The song features the two women romantically serenading each other in no uncertain terms:

“Lying here beside you in the dark/ I feel the steady rhythm of your heart/ Feel your face against my shoulder/ Breath upon my skin/ Embers barely smoldered/ I make love to you again,” sings Jessica to Dolly before they unite to admit, “Nothing in this world compares to this/ The way our bodies fit/ The way we kiss.”

At least one blogger hypothesized that the part was originally slated for Kenny Rogers, but, according to marketing analyst Steve Bosworth, the Parton duet was a savvy idea on Simpson’s part. "Lesbian chic is on fire right now, what with Ellen and Portia and LiLo and Samantha," said Bosworth. "Dolly may be from a different generation, but she’s still hot. Those are titties Samuel Jackson would approve of.”

Any scotched collaboration with the Gambler would be for the best, Bosworth stated. “Can you imagine the sheer horror of sweet young Jessica making love with Kenny? The man’s 42 years her senior! He’s probably got Roaster crumbs in his beard! For once Simpson’s on the right track.” 

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