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Debi Mazar definitely doesn't want to see Sarah Palin as our next vice president, but that doesn't mean the Entourage star doesn't support her in some way.

Mazar knows all about teen pregrancy. Her mom had her when she was just 15 years old.

"I think it's completely fine," Mazar told me earlier today of 17-year-old mom-to-be Bristol Palin while promoting her new movie, The Women (I'll have more on the flick later on), at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. "And I think Sarah Palin made a good choice in being supportive of her daughter...and I agree that it's private because those are her children. Her daughter fell in love and had sex. Big deal—it happens."

But if it's anything like her own childhood, Mazar says Sarah will likely hit some rough patches with her child because of her age. "My mom is a great mom and we're very close," Mazar says. "But because she had me so young, we had hurdles we had to go through. But it made me who I am today...As long as that kid has love and support, I wish her the best."

Today, Mazar, 44, has two daughters of her own with husband Gabriel Corcos. "One of my daughters started first grade today," Mazar says. "I took her to school in her little uniform and I cried when she said, 'Bye, Mommy.' "

While Mazar isn't leaving Hollywood just yet—she does return as tough-talking publicist Shauna Roberts in the new season of Entourage, after all—she says she hopes to eventually live full-time in Italy to work on her and Corcos' cooking business. They currently host their own online cooking show, Under the Tuscan Gun.

"I'm not gonna stay here getting Botox, waiting for the next role," Mazar says with a laugh. "I wanna go, I wanna go live my life!"

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