Art Streiber/ The CW

Reviewers are surprised that 90210 didn't suck as much as they had anticipated—that's what low expectations will do. How 'bout you guys? Were you feeling the cast or just holding out for every Brenda and Kelly moment?

Heidi Montag's sister Holly, whom we met on this season's first episode, is now assistant to Girls Gone Wild sleazebag Joe Francis. Montags always know how to keep it classy.

Don't worry about buying Miley Cyrus a car for her Super Sweet 16—she bought herself one. Also, there's a new contender in town rumored to be her boyfriend.

Finally the answer to the question on tween minds everywhere: Do the Jonas Brothers wear boxers or briefs? Well, they only wear boxer briefs by American Eagle. (Yeah, slow day, everything's about Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, still. Sorry.)

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