Ava/Rebecca lives! And even better, this time around, she's entirely sane and lovable.

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Our countdown of the Five Stars You’ll Love this fall begins today, with a look at the lovely and talented Elizabeth Reaser (most recently of Grey's Anatomy). Her series, The Ex List, just might be my favorite new show of the fall, and that is thanks, in no small part, to Elizabeth, who is finally breaking out into the leading-lady limelight she deserves.

Click in to find out why you’ll be a smitten kitten…


Elizabeth Reaser

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Who She Is: As Seattle Grace’s tragically troubled trauma patient (and psych patient, and love interest to Justin Chambers' Alex Karev), the actress was nominated for an Emmy for her work on Grey’s Anatomy. The role gave her mainstream recognition, but was hardly Reaser’s first foray into television. The pretty and pouty 33-year-old Michigan native also appeared on Scrubs, The Sopranos, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and other series, along with indie films such as Sweet Land and Puccini for Beginners, where she made out with Gretchen Mol and Justin Kirk.

Where to Meet Her: On the former Veronica Mars soundstage down in San Diego, which is now home to CBS' The Ex List, a charming and funny new dramedy from former V.M. producer-writer Diane Ruggiero. Reaser plays Bella Bloom, a sassy and strong-willed thirtysomething woman who is told by a psychic she must reconnect with an ex-boyfriend and marry him in one year—or never get married at all.

Why You’ll Love Her: If you’ve ever wanted to move to the beach, open a flower shop, be courted by an endless supply of cute boys and, oh, yeah, look smokin’ hot while doing it, you will want to be Bella Bloom. If not, you’ll either want to be best friends with her or date her, because Elizabeth Reaser is so incredibly likable in this role. Tough, smart, witty, strong and yet vulnerable, you get the sense she’s not acting at all. She's the leading reason The Ex List works so well.

Check out the video below, then keep reading for a quick Q&A with Elizabeth…

In The Ex List, your character, Bella, is told by a psychic that she has one year to reconnect with an ex-boyfriend and marry him, or lose him forever. A couple of our readers have questioned whether this setup might be somewhat sexist. How do you feel about that?
What's amazing to me about that is I feel like in this day and age, if you’re a woman and you’re successful, and you’re strong, you’re not supposed to want a man, and you’re supposed to just be cool being alone all the time. But I don’t feel that way. I want to be with someone. So what I love about the show is that it’s completely unapologetic in that quest to find love and to find connection.

Do we know how many exes Bella has to choose from?
I think quite a few. She’s 33—she’s been around for a while. I don’t know what qualifies as an "ex" always. It could be some kid from kindergarten you went out with for three days.

I picked up on some sparkage with you and Augie, Bella's best friend. Could he be the one?
That's a complicated relationship and they have sort of insane chemistry. It’s tricky; he’s her best friend but they obviously love and adore each other, and have some sort of chemistry, and maybe they have some history that was never acted upon. I personally want them to write as many scenes as possible with Adam Rothenberg (Augie), because he’s an old friend of mine from New York, and I just adore him.

All in all, doesn't sound like a bad gig.
It’s really fun. I can’t believe I’m getting to do this every week. TV is so good to women. For this show in particular I’m not solving any crimes, I’m not treating anyone, I just get to fall in love and have fun with my friends, so it’s really great.

Agreed! If you want to try out Reaser's The Ex List, tune in to CBS on Friday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. In the meantime, post in the comments about which of your TV boyfriends should turn up as Bella's onscreen ex-boyfriends. And yes, if you want, that list could include Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin and/or Jason Dohring. Anything goes! Post your wish list in the comments!

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