Sister Wives


Las Vegas and a baby. Two things we never thought we'd write in the same sentence unless we were talking about The Hangover...let alone Sister Wives?!

Vegas and a new baby is exactly what we got on the season-three premiere of TLC's polygamy-powered reality show. Kody Brown and his newest wife, Robyn, finally decided to share the news that they were expecting with the families—something Robyn, who has three kids from a previous relationship, was a little nervous about doing.

So how did everyone react?

Surprisingly well!

Robyn decided to tell fellow wife Meri first, fearing that she would be upset by the news because she can't have any more kids. Luckily, Meri expresses her excitement and the two share a hug. All together now: Aw!

The rest of the family learns the news at dinner later that night, where everyone for the most part seems genuinely happy about the news. Mariah is upset at first (on behalf of her mother, Meri), but Meri and Kody talk it out with her and everything is OK. Some of the teenagers seem pretty meh over the whole announcement, but come on, they're teenagers: they're meh over anything.

The clan was also dealing with the move to Vegas, one that was harder for some to adjust to (cough-Janelle-cough), than others. Christine takes a look at her backyard and decides a project is in order. Enter a playhouse and free-standing pool! After it's finished, they have a big party to show off the new backyard. Fun times! Another party is thrown later for the teenagers (minus Hunter) so they can invite their friends from school.

What did you think of the move from Utah to Vegas, loyal Sister Wives viewers? And what did you think of the season three premiere in general? Sound off in the comments!

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