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The critics have spoken.

And unfortunately for Jacob (oops, we mean Taylor Lautner) his latest teen thriller Abduction was met with some nasty reviews, like this one from the New York Post: "Actual abduction may be preferable to the movie of the same name." And it only did meh at the box office, to boot.

Ouch. Oh, also, he broke up with his costar lady, too. So we gotta ask: What should Tay Tay's next movie move be?

Shameless shots of Tay's abs aside (which we certainly aren't complaining about), the action-flick scored a mere 4 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Allow us to put that figure in perspective for you: Gigli scored a 7 percent.

Enough said!

So forget the possible Razzie speech that T.L. may have to write come award season, 'cause it's apparent that Taylor needs to take a different approach to big screen fame.

We have a few suggestions:

Have 'Em Laugh With You, Not at You!

Even though Tay's been pegged as a mini Tom Cruise, maybe it's time he try his hand at something other than explosions and intense stunts?

Like, say, a funny flick! There's nothing better than having audiences intentionally laugh which watching your movie, so we think it'd be the perfect time for Taylor tp test his punch lines and link up with Judd Apatow for a raunchy college comedy of some sort.

It's Time to Go Gay!

Every actor knows the best way to earn some critical love is to get in on some guy-on-guy action. And we mean at the cineplex, of course. Could it be time for Taylor to star in a Milk for the younger generation?

There's plenty of LGBT material to tap in to (especially these days, when it's such a hot topic in the news) and it'd give Taylor a chance to do more on the big screen than flex his biceps and flash his winning smile.

Stick to the Angsty Supernatural Stuff!

We're sure there are plenty of untapped young adult novels about werewolves that can still be prepped for big screen adaptations. And we already know (courtesy of the Twilight franchise, of course) that Taylor is quite the ab-tastic wolfman.

So should he just make a career out of moody supernatural fare? Heck, maybe he can even avoid typecasting and play a zombie. Just a thought.

So what do you think is the best option for Taylor? We heart the dude and want to see him become a huge star...it just depends on the next project he picks.

Awful¿s Re-Abduction Poll!
What can Taylor do to win back your box office love?
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