Chris Hemsworth, Thor

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Wow, NASA, thanks for scaring our pants off with that whole satellite falling from the sky thing. We loved all those stories about 100 chunks of hot metal that could land anywhere on Earth.

Good news is that the stupid UARS satellite crashed this morning, and nobody got hurt. We can't say the same about Hollywood!

For real, look at the summer of movies we just had. All kinds of crazy stuff fell from the sky, every week.

So here, we've collected the year's bestest bits of Earth-bound space junk:

(SPOILER ALERT, people, some plot details are revealed below!)

5. Thor's Hammer: So Anthony Hopkins hurls this power tool from deep space into the New Mexico desert, and Chris Hemsworth can't even lift the thing until he learns how to not be such a hot-headed immortal d-bag. Which he does, isn't that right, Natalie Portman?

4. That Monster From Super 8: An eight-legged alien crashes in a small town, scavenging metal to build his new ship and hunting humans for snacks. Good thing he makes friends with a little kid and helps him make a pretty cool zombie movie first, otherwise he so wouldn't make our list.

3. A Green Ring: One of Green Lantern's galactic defenders battles a baddie near Earth, crashes in the desert and dies. But first, he hands off his powers, duties and super awesome magic ring to Ryan Reynolds, giving him godlike powers. Like he didn't already have those!

2. Olivia Wilde: She's actually the alien, see, in Cowboys & Aliens. She crashes in Arizona (before it was even a state), and winds up in the middle of a fight between James Bond, Han Solo and a bunch of her own kind. Talk about a hot piece of space debris, right? Get it? Know what I'm sayin'!?

1. Some Giant Transformers Spaceship: The powerful ARK, used by the Autobots to travel across the stars and stuff like that, crashes into the moon, sure, but same difference. It launches the U.S.-Russia space race, brings Megatron and his Decepticons back to Earth for some long drawn-out fight scenes, and we all end up with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Thank you, space junk!

Which one's your fave?

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