Kate Winslet, Ned Rocknroll

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The name's Rocknroll. Ned Rocknroll. But who is he? Other than the bearer of the coolest and/or most ridiculous celebuspawn moniker out there, that is (you had a good run, MoxieCrimefighter).

Well, if the British tabloids are to be believed, he is quite literally the fire of Kate Winslet's loins, as her fellow Necker Island vacationer inferno escapee is also reportedly her newfound boytoy.

And don't let the kooky name fool you—this Brit's got quite the pedigree...

First, the name. While Ned Rocknroll is, thanks to some possibly regrettable legal filings, now his actual name, he was born Abel Smith.

And as for those relations, Ned just so happens to be the nephew of Virgin billionaire Richard Branson, and was vacationing alongside Winslet, her kids and her seemingly now ex-beau model Louis Dowler on Necker Island when the devastating fire broke out last month.

Yep, that fire appears to have ignited a flame of a different kind, at least if their joined-at-the-hip cavorting around London is anything to go by.

We can thank the Daily Mail for lighting the match of speculation about these two rumored lovebirds. And whether they're friends or more, 33-year-old Ned has certainly been popping up fairly frequently in the new Emmy winner's daily routine (at least judging by the onslaught of paparazzi shots).

Just last Tuesday, the duo reportedly attended the memorial for Branson's father together. And according to the Daily Mail, it was Ned, not Louis, who accompanied Kate on her trip back to New York after leaving the island.

The one potential hitch in the love story that's apparently being written on their behalf? Ned is technically married to Eliza Cowdray, the 23-year-old daughter of a multimillionaire viscount. However, they reportedly separated earlier this month. Since neither side is talking, and unlikely to do so anytime soon, the speculation will remain just that.

Which means Kate may turn out to be a veritable Rock chick yet.

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