How dare MTV leave us hanging once Snooki crashed into a police car! Was she going back to jail? Were they going to get kicked out of Italy? Did that really happen?

Yes, it did happen, but luckily we found out in the beginning of tonight's episode that our little meatball and Deena avoided time behind bars and the Jersey Shore kids are staying in Florence. But Snooks isn't allowed to drive anymore. That's probably best.

Anyway, all of that is minor compared to the drama that came later...

Tonight was the night when viewers finally got to see that Snooki's boyfriend, Jionni, was on his way to Italy to see his lady. Eek!

Unfortunately, JWoww's honey, Roger, couldn't get time off work to visit. Jenni's heart was broken, and it broke the other girls' hearts (and ours) to see her so disappointed. So they went out, while the guys had an MVP night—plus Ronnie—to try and find some ladies that were DTF.

Snooki stayed at home by herself until she got a visitor.

Surprise! It's Brittany, Mike's slightly stalkerish admirer who has a twin sister that likes to make out with practically everyone in the house.

In an effort to pull the ultimate prank, Snooks let the blond in and had her hide in Mike's bed so he can get caught bringing another girl home. And that's exactly what happened...

Too bad it backfired, because in the end, Snooki only helped him get laid.

The next day was Jionni's arrival. OMG, so exciting! There was no time to introduce him to everyone because the miniature guidette was ready to smush, so they got to knockin' da boots, and Snooks exclaimed how she can't wait to have his guido babies (but she'll get a C-section so it doesn't "f--k up [her] vagina").

Meanwhile, Mike kept acting like he was the next Karate Kid and keeping an eye on Jionni. He wasn't bitter. Or crazy. Nope, not one bit.

Snooks and her man were pretty much adorable and super in love, then the alcohol took over her body and brought out her not-so-ladylike behavior.

Remember, Jionni gets embarrased easily, so when he saw his girlfriend showing her kooka to everyone, he was pissed and stormed out.

Jenni tried to ease the situation, but Snooki got into a yelling match with her instead and said some pretty hurtful things. Regardless, JWoww trucked it all over Florence to try and find her friend's man. Um, Best Friend of the Year Award?

Snooki doesn't stop crying for the remainder of the episode which was sad but also slightly annoying.

Jionni was still fired up when he got back to the house and barely acknowledged his girl, only to tell her she wasn't his girl anymore, and then got his stuff and left.

Basically, the guy traveled over 20 hours to see his significant other in Italy, but only spent about six hours there before leaving a single man.

Some trip, eh?

Was Jionni too rough on Snooks, or should she have known better? Sound off in the comments!

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