It's been a long cold summer waiting for the docs of Seattle Grace Mercy West to get back on our televisions. Last time we saw the motley crew, they were struggling with unwanted pregnancies, sudden single parenthood and a new chief resident. When we meet our heroes again during the two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, well, frankly not much has changed and all their big problems remain.

Do Derek and Meredith kiss and make up? Is Cristina keeping her baby? Does anyone actually believe April can reign in this rogue group of doctors? And who has left the hospital by episode's end? Find out now:


In Sickness and In Health: The moral life lesson of tonight's case was be nice to your husband because in a second you could fall down a sinkhole and he might have to amputate your leg. Poor Danny (Mackenzie Astin) wasn't able to make the final cuts to his wife's leg. But all's well that end's well. One giant sinkhole and one less leg equals repaired relationship. Somehow this paralleled Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina's (Sandra Oh) relationship in crisis. Instead of making Cristina choose between him or a baby, he stands by her in her decision to end the pregnancy. Owen, you win all the Best Husband in the Hospital awards, even beating out the guy who cut his wife's leg off.

We Built This House Out of Rock 'n' Roll: Being separated has made Derek (Patrick Dempsey) antsy, so finally he and Owen work on that long-awaited dream house on the hill. But frankly, at the pace Derek is going with those rocks, it'll be season 24 before he finishes. We think it's time to hire some contractors.

Buddy Docs: In a different world, where we aren't torn over who Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) should choose, we really think Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Sloan (Eric Dane) would make great friends. BFF bracelets and all. Or they'd make amazing leads for buddy cop show. The good news is Dr. Pretty Eyes reigns as the Gunther or the doc that is awesome enough to take charge in a crisis. And just as quickly, Mark switches teams. He knows a winner when he sees one. We are positive this is going to bring so much comedy gold this season. Positive.

Teddy Is Creepy Happy: We all love us some Henry (Scott Foley), but Teddy (Kim Raver)—with the baby talk and the weird nervousness for her husband—is creeping us out. We get it, Teddy. You are having great sex with your husband instead of going off to Germany with that other dude you liked a hot minute ago. Really, we're thrilled for you, but we all know how well sick loved ones work out on Grey's. They don't. And we're pretty convinced Teddy's glee is signing Henry's death certificate. We'll get our tissues ready for when Noel dies.

I Don't Give a Damn 'Bout My Bad Recommendation: We learned during this episode that Dr. Bailey is not who you should ask when you want a letter of rec. Nope. No way. She basically dumps everything that's bad about Meredith in one giant swoop, and while it's all true, it also stings.

Baby's Gone: Noooooo! Forget spousal amputations, this was the most tragic event of the night. Little adorable African baby being ripped from the arms of Meredith while we sob from our couch unable to do anything. Sure, separating from your husband is not the best sign for a pending adoption. Cue us sobbing again. When Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) starts talking about Zola's giraffe all the tears come. All. The. Tears. Meredith has really grown up in so many ways since we first met her, and watching as her heart breaks is so hard. And where was Derek to console her? Not there, and instead Alex (Justin Chambers) steps up as awesome.


Mama Avery Is Coming to Town: Jackson Avery's badass doctor mother is coming to town. As we all know a man's relationship with his mother can tell us a lot. We've met quite a few parents along the way: Meredith's mean mommy; Meredith's MIA, then drunk and then sober daddy; and Derek's badass mom. And when Debbie Allen checks into Seattle Grace Mercy West, we are going to find out if she's responsible for the smart, nice sensitive doc we all love.

Babies Behind Us: Owen was super supportive through Cristina's decision to have an abortion, but is that really the end of the story? Kevin McKidd tells us: "I don't think that's the end of it. It's such a big issue. These things always come back. I've noticed in life you can't brush these things under the carpet." Brace yourself.

Love Triangle Still Going Strong: Jesse Williams, one-third of the show's hottest and complicated love affair told us that feelings arise when you work with an ex. Boom! We take that as Mark-Lexie-Jackson love triangle shenanigans.

We'll give you a moment to mop up your tears. Ready? So how was that for a premiere? Are you excited for where this season of Grey's is headed? Will Meredith and Derek put their differences aside to get Zola back? Did Cristina make the right decision? Hit the comments and we can hug it out.

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