Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Maggie Gyllenhaal recently told a dirty little secret to reporters at the Toronto Film Festival. The new movie she's in is about the invention of the vibrator, so sex toys are a hot topic when she's doing press for the film. Apparently due to the movie content, she's been sent several different vibrators by several different people with vibrator stores. I guess they want to promote their product, which is smart. I was once given a vibrator as a gift for my birthday. I know that sounds like a good gift, but after you start opening more presents and you find that 10 other people also bought you one, you start to wonder what kind of message you've been sending. The twist in Maggie's story came when she said that she "lends" the vibrators to her friends, and they take them "for six months at a time." Clearly Maggie doesn't know that this isn't safe. You can get herpes from a vibrator, which is why I no longer buy anything off of eBay.

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