Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan, Samantha Ronson

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Another day, another drama with the Lohan fam. Can't they be like every other dysfunctional American family and argue about all their personal probs on one fabulous D-list reality show together? Do we really have to have all these platforms and factions? Such the headache.

Sam and Lindsay launched a double bitch-attack on their MySpace blogs against daddy Lohan being an anti-Samite. But hey—before we get to the hater goss to come—ain't writing a blog post the same damn thing as Mikey Lohan blabbing to reporters? A blog's no longer an outlet for you to vent with just your personal pals. It's a form of media, and you knew every goss org would pick it up and repost your daddy attacks. Don't think you're any better than M.L. You just chose a different format for your bitching about family trubs.

Why doncha take the Jennifer Aniston high road and not say a word about the whole mess—and get your friends to do the back-talking for ya?

Or buy a marble notebook, decorate it with stickers, and keep your angst in there, if you're so set on keeping so-called private matters private. But we all know—thank heavens—that's not happening. And religion's to blame, really. So much blood's shed around this world over that stupid s--t, we swear.

After all, daddy Lohan's gone on record as stating he doesn't approve of L.L. and S.R. being as intimate as they are due to his religious objections, which is really such BS. And when pops Lohan was asked privately if he had probs with Lindsay and Samantha being a couple, "Oh yeah," was his immediate response, insist these firsthand Lo-witnesses.

So, ya see, Linds-love can take Dina pimping out their family, but not Michael (who's doing the exact same thing by not keeping the kooky clan's differences private), because homophobia's getting thrown in for a little hateful measure.

No wonder the blogging wars are just beginning. Trust us on this one.

With additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

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