Michael Lohan

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After Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson blogged out their Michael Lohan frustrations on MySpace, we knew it was only a matter of hours until M.Lo came up with some kind of response. He tells ABCNews.com:

"Who's out of control? Whose life is out of control? Give me a break. Going from place to place, being dragged around by Samantha so she can make more money off of Lindsay being there when she spins...She's gone from making $7 million to less than a million a movie. Who's out of control?

"I go to church," he continues. "I go and help people in rehab. That's control. How can she say I'm out of control? If they're going to say I'm lying, I'm out of control, I'm going to show that they're lying and they're out of control.”

And just when you think it can't get any worse, Michael throws his ex-wife into the fray:

"Samantha is one of the biggest problems in her life," Michael says. "That's what Dina told me. I'm reacting on what Dina said, but then Dina steps out of the picture because she wants to look like the good guy."

"Dina's a two-face," he continues. "She wants to try to look good and stay on Lindsay's good side instead of being a good parent."

Michael claims he's even got the text messages and recorded phone conversations with Dina and Lindsay to prove he's the good guy—as if there could ever be a winner in this family drama.

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