Pushing Daisies


Forget daisies, ABC is pushing pies.

To coincide with the second-season premiere of Pushing Daisies, the network is launching a mouthwatering marketing scheme sure to ingratiate itself to hungry fans across the nation—or send them into a diabetic shock trying—by kicking off the Pushing Daisies Touch of Wonder Tour.

The tour will hit 10 cities across the U.S., with pop-up facsimiles of Ned's bakery, The Pie Hole, offering free pie to all comers.

Even those without a Nielsen box.

Upping the charm factor, each Pie Hole will be decorated to match the show's set, with episodes playing at the ersatz shops and series paraphernalia aplenty gracing each location—paraphernalia which, of course, will be made available to the pastry patrons for a small price.

Pushing Daisies' second season kicks off Oct. 1, nearly 10 months since the last new episode aired.

Here's the full list of lip-smacking stops:

  • Aug. 31: Anaheim, Calif.
  • Sept. 7: San Francisco
  • Sept. 10: Los Angeles
  • Sept. 12: Las Vegas
  • Sept. 14: Phoenix
  • Sept. 17: Denver
  • Sept. 20: Dallas
  • Sept. 24: Chicago
  • Sept. 26: Philadelphia
  • Sept. 29: New York
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