Lauren Conrad, The Hills

MTV/Jeff Lipsky

Stephanie Pratt celebrated her 22nd birthday on The Hills last night. Gotta say we'd much rather have been at last week's B-day party for Audrina, with all her punk friends making Lo skittish.

Last night's attempts at drama all centered on whether or not Spencer and Heidi were going to come to Steph's party. They did their plotting in their secret lair—a dark booth at their Mexican restaurant—and were ready to go.

What's really weird is that Lauren and Lo somehow managed to convince themselves that Speidi would not be present for Spence's sister's soiree. But alas, there was no actual confrontation at the party—everyone just bolted when Spencer did his douche stroll into the club. Such a wasted opportunity.

But how 'bout that Israel-Iran conflict? Yeah, we didn't forget about that—more after the jump...

Our favorite part of last night's episode was Spencer's day-later confrontation with Stephanie. It was probably the best performance we've ever seen from the dude since season two, when he convinced Heidi to move in with him. Was it because the XBox was turned off or the flesh beard was saved? We'll never know, but he did compare himself and L.C. to Israel and Iran, which was amazing.

Stephanie, on the other hand, seems so over this whole "reality show" thing. Maybe she's mad she only gets a measly $8,000 an episode. Whatever, if MTV is going to feature her as a storyline, they need to send homegirl to some acting classes. That might help them get more emotion out of her "I've never been so shocked" and "I don't want to betray your trust" lines.

We can't wait until next week, when it appears Lauren dumps Doug! Dude is boring—She-Pratt can have him.

All right, we're done complaining. It's your turn!

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