The Fonz Statue

AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger/Horacio Zamora

What should have been a happy day indeed turned into an afternoon of rage and violence during yesterday’s unveiling of a statue of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Milwaukee. The life-size bronze likeness, erected to commemorate the decade-long run of the beloved show Happy Days was set upon by an enraged, unruly mob of Potsie fans, many of whom appeared to be Latino. Wielding ropes and crowbars while chanting, “Fonzie schmonzy! Potise is topsy!” in Spanish, the fevered group pulled the likeness to the ground as onlookers fled and police retreated, helpless against the Potsie-worshipping throng.

“Potsie was a man of soul and grace, but this Fonz, this diablo con los pulgares? He deserves nothing!” stated one participant, spitting fiercely upon the fallen statue. “Hijo de puta!”

“I don’t condone their deeds, but my people have always supported my work,” offered actor Anson “Potsie” Williams. “Maybe next time Milwaukee will think a little harder about who to bronze.”

Williams was then hoisted atop the shoulders of frenzied fans and paraded down Main Street as shop windows were shattered and police cars were overturned and set ablaze. One officer, bloodied and limping, commented grimly as he gazed upon his city in ruins: “These happy days are yours and mine? Not today...not today."

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