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SPOILER ALERT: Josh Radnor's Ted and Sarah Chalke's Stella are, apparently, going to the chapel! But are they really gonna get married? And if they do, does that mean that Stella is, in fact, the Mother of his children?

That's the question we fans are left with this morning after sources on How I Met Your Mother confirmed to me that "Yes, we will have a wedding with these two early in the season."

Luckily, I just talked to HIMYM boss Craig Thomas, and he was feeling dishy...

Click in for Craig's take on whether Stella is the mother, and more!

How I Met Your Mother, Craig Thomas

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Do you like Sarah Chalke as the mother? Will she be the one?
I think it's for her to like or not like us, because we're just dorks, and she's really pretty.

I will not confirm or deny motherhood on HIMYM, but I will say the fact that Josh and Sarah were so great together was a discovery to us—Sarah's greatness has informed our plans for sure.

We had not planned on fighting to have her back as much as we have fought, and it may be that she's back for more than just those first four of six episodes of season four. We'll see. We love her.

What about CBS president Nina Tassler saying she didn't think Stella was the mother?
I think that means that we haven't pitched CBS on whether or not she is the mother. We had a tough time booking her because she's on an ABC show. But ABC and Scrubs were very kind, so we finally got her. As much as I value creativity and art, there's also logistics, and until just before we got started this year, we didn't know what we had.

What else can the fans look forward to in season four?
We had so much fun at the end of season three complicating who Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is...and with the question of whether it will be him and Robin (Cobie Smulders) together and then getting Ted into this serious thing. In our first six, we're going to answer a lot of those questions we set up, and then we're going to have fun for a while. The beginning of the season definitely has the kind of arc that HIMYM fans love, and then after the first few were gonna take a break and just be funny.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Now you've heard what Craig has to say, vote in our Mother of a poll below, and have it out in the comments...

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Should Sarah Chalke be a HIMYM regular by the time we get to season five?
Would you stop watching the show if the "motherhood" were revealed before the very end?
Your thoughts on Stella being the mama?

Got more to say than a poll can contain? Post your thoughts on the wedding plans in the comments below!

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