Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock

Disney Channel/John Medland

So, 9-year-old girls are kinda looking forward to Camp Rock, huh?

To quote tween expert Denise Restauri, "Let me just say, omigod!"

All signs—and Camp Rock viewing parties—point to potentially record-setting ratings for the TV-movie musical premiering Friday night on the Disney Channel. The film, about rockin' music campers, as the title suggests, stars Barney & Friends alum Demi Lovato and, oh, yes, a little trio called the Jonas Brothers.

"The girls love the Jonas Brothers, and they particularly love Joe Jonas," says Restauri, founder of the tween-girl site "I won't say they don't love Zac Efron, but they love the Jonas Brothers."

Efron, for Joe Jonas fans with short, unforgiving memories, ruled the Bop/Tiger Beat world from 2006-07 as the star of the Disney Channel's High School Musical movies.

Now, though, it's the Jonas Brothers' turn. It is Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas with the No. 5 iTunes single ("Play My Music," from the Camp Rock soundtrack), the No. 11 Amazon album (the Camp Rock soundtrack, natch, which was released just two days ago), the upcoming concert tour, the upcoming studio album (A Little Bit Longer, out in August), the upcoming TV projects, and the 16.2 million Google results (compared to elder-statesman Efron's 11.1 million).

More than bullet points on a résumé—or a completist fan blog—they are indications that Camp Rock is about to head into, and benefit from, as Restauri says, "a perfect storm."

"It's pretty much guaranteed to be huge," says Tylor Skory, who has tracked the Camp Rock buildup through his new website for TV-viewing-party planning, "It's mainly just because the Jonas Brothers are already so huge."

Skory would know. He isn't just a webmaster who's seen Camp Rock dominate traffic, he's also a 17-year-old with younger siblings who are inviting friends over on Friday night to watch—well, what do you think?

If it's a given that Camp Rock is going to be big, then the remaining question is, How big?

"Based on what the girls are saying," says Restauri, "it has the potential to outperform High School Musical."

The original High School Musical, which debuted in January 2006, before Efron or any of his Wildcat classmates were Jonas Brothers-size names, averaged 7.7 million viewers, then a Disney Channel record. The sequel, High School Musical 2, which premiered last August, scored a whopping 17.2 million viewers, then a cable record.

If the denizens of Camp Rock want to get really ambitious, then they'll train their sights on Tom Brady. Last December, an ESPN Monday Night Football game featuring Brady's then-unbeaten New England Patriots slipped past HSM2 to set a new cable record, with 17.5 million viewers.

No matter how many campers Camp Rock enlists, at least Efron won't have to worry about competing with the Jonas Brothers on his old Disney Channel turf.

Come the fall, the latest HSM, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, will open in movie theaters. And Restauri, for one, thinks fans of the franchise—and Efron—will be in line.

"I don't think it's going away," she says. "As long as you can keep entertaining these girls with the music and the allure…The girls really just want to be entertained."

In which case, as a programming note, Camp Rock repeats Saturday night on ABC and Sunday night on ABC Family.

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