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Rain was the name of the game on the red carpet at the 2008 MMVA's. We knew we were in troubs by 5:30 pm when we could see the storm clouds headed our way. It felt like hurricane weather! Poor Kristin Cavallari in her gorgeous dress was caught in the middle of it all (how come her hair remained in tact while mine fell flat?) Meanwhile, I was scrambling to salvage my notes (didn't pan out) with no shoes on (don’t ask!). As it turns out, NKOTB were the evening's only bright skies.

In the press room, looking fine in his beige suit, Brody Jenner had the audacity to “pffft” me after looking down at my bare feet. P.S. My shoes were DRYING! He wouldn’t know that because he probably had a team of people following him with shield from the rain.

The Kids showed face after their performance, which I think we can all agree was an adequate dose of nostalgia laced with an ounce disappointment. Let's face it; the adorable Joey Mac can't carry those same notes he did when he was just a boy going through some "changes". And why should he be expected to? I suppose we should give them all a break - it’s been 15 years since they were a group, so they’re are bound to be rusty - like their dancing. God, that was embarrassing. I say forget it all together. Grown men look weird when they attempt to dance in sync anyway.

The second storm came when NKOTB walked into the media lounge, where I shrieked. NKOTB caused the professionalism to flee once my 6 year-old self is triggered, despite their poor fashion statements. They dressed in all white (on a day where there's a storm? Not wise, kids.)

Speaking of odd attire, Rihanna and her atrocious black spandex outfit walked into the press room but it was too scary for me to look. She had an entourage of about 30, so my question is: who are these people she's traveling with because they are clearly not friends. Friends don't let friends wear tight, shiny leggings on national TV. She looked bad. Real bad. Although I don’t think the men noticed.

In all honesty, without Rih Rih and the old men in NKOTB, the show would have completely fallen flat. I was looking for the star power but all I could find were rich kids-turned reality TV stars and reality-formed groups. And that's fine, if you're a 15 year old girl who doesn't really care for good music, but if you're old enough to remember the golden days of Much, you were bound to be bummed save for the presence of a group you thought would never return to an award show stage.

Maybe next year the sun will come out and Much will get some kickin' artist's and solid actors to fill the voids where dance crews just do not. You know, the right stuff.

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