David Beckham Booty MLS All-Star

Many women (and some men) have asked themselves: could David Beckham be any more perfect?  The answer is YES.  British R&B sensation Estelle calls it the “Beckham aura.” And after spending some time this week downwind of his wafting aura, I can let you in on a secret...  David Beckham is a helluva guy! 

E! was on hand for the MLS All-Star festivities in Toronto this week – which gave me a chance to catch up with Estelle and Canada’s own Jim Brennan (of Toronto FC).  But, of course, I made it my top priority to take in some Beckham stalking watching.

Like bird watching, the goal is clear: observe the specimen in his natural habitat (in this case: stretching, running, looking hot) while not drawing attention to yourself and risk scaring off the rare and exalted creature.

Mission accomplished. 

Beneath the steely, chiseled exterior of Mr. Becks lies a warm family man (and you probably thought there were just more abs under those abs!).

All-Star Jim Brennan had this to say about the Armani Johnny.   “Yeah, he’s cool. Very chilled out. He’s a family man, very down to earth and easy going.”

And amid applause for Victoria Beckham’s taste in husbands, Estelle added, “He’s lovely. David’s got a good shape to him, I’d say.”—Which I believe is British for, *drooool*. 

At D-Bizzle’s press conference I saw another shining example of his good nature. All questions were answered with candor and he even said good morning and thanked us for coming out (media grunts are not often greeted with… umm… what’s the opposite of hostility?).  And at one point I believe the lights in the building went out, and David’s smile illuminated the room – this has yet to be officially confirmed. 

And yes, I called him D-Bizzle… think it will catch on?

David Beckham Stretch MLS All-Star
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