We get the scoop on that nasty rumor that Warner Bros. doesn’t wanna do any more movie biz with babes—and pitch Lindsay Lohan as a prospective lead! Plus, should L.L. really be lookin’ for romance so soon after rehab? We’ve got answers…
Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan, you know that film career you’ve been blabbing about postrehab, the one you originally ditched in lieu of crashing myriad Mercedes (along with your dossier) but now say you want to get back to? You can, uh, cross off at least one studio for your immediate big comeback plans. That would be Warner Bros. But let’s back up first.
Jodie Foster

Paul Fenton-KPA/ZUMApress.com

The fancified Warners, home to such daunting honchos as Clint Eastwood and George Clooney, got itself into a little hot gossip water; you may have heard about it: Exec Jeff Robinov was quoted as saying “we are no longer doing movies with women in the lead,” after the Burbank outfit had a few feminine turkeys, such as Jodie Foster’s The Brave One. This statement in itself was lunacy, as Foster’s other films, like Flightplan, performed well. Not to mention the bitch has two Oscars.

But hold on: A studio repper assures us diggers here at the Awful Truth (an outlet that truly does see parallels between the way women are treated in T-town and how Rosa Parks was belittled back in Montgomery) that Robinov never uttered those words. “Absolutely not,” we’re told. 

Then how did it get started? “Someone whose material got quashed [at the studio] started spreading the nasty quote out of revenge" is the plausible (they say) reason. Oh, how high school!

Kate Hudson

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Which is simply the perf segue into the dame-delivering babies Warners' insists it currently has in production, including The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 and Fool’s Gold, with Kate Hudson. Oh, and Diane Lane has Nights in Rodanthe coming out, so that’s yet another movie premiere we can plan on the “happily married” gal to attend, per usual, without the once feisty Josh Brolin as her escort. Can’t wait!
But what we AT gossers really can’t hold our breath for any longer is that utterly bitchin’ film comeback Lindsay L. says she’s rarin’ to get going. See, we saw a public relations opportunity here, what with Warner Bros. combating such misogynistic items as the above. Aren’t they simply primed to get behind an infinitely famous broad (who needs a little help herself in the publicly reinvented department) with some terribly important vehicle? Perhaps a remake of Just My Luck? After all, who knows what celluloid bliss would occur if the babe made it sober this time round?
Good news and bad news. Our calls to Warners' movers and shakers were answered—quickly. And these open ears (who do have clout, trust) were so game to hear which go-to gal could help them recover this recent state of bad press. Until...

They heard us say the name...Lindsay Lohan.

“[Whatever is the written formation of both a scream and involuntary snort, please insert here], the Warner Bros. brass bellowed. “That is the last thing we need around here."

Sorry, Linds. We did try for ya! Really!

Lindsay Lohan

Jun Sato/WireImage.com

And now that Lindsay L. is a free woman, she’s talkin’ tabloid turkey, it would seem. She even dished to In Touch she’s dating someone she met while she was havin' a snort-free stay at Cirque. No, no, not that Tony Allen dude, who’s married with kids, or Richie Sambora, who’s also holed up at the Utah facility. Lindsay’s new man is a snowboarding boy by the name of Riley Giles, and L2 has said she’s “really happy” about the romance.
Britney Spears


Oh, Linds. We thought that since you were working out your daddy issues, you might slow down with the slew of suitors you go through. Apparently not. Not sure if anyone’s told you this, L.L., but you’re really not supposed to have serious relationships right after being released from rehab as you start your new, less problematic life. And that’s because there’s nothing like a nasty breakup to make people grab the nearest bottle of booze or baggie of whatever they can find. (Just ask Britney Spears if you don’t believe us on that one.)

Nevertheless, best of luck, L.L.

Gabrielle Union

Paul Fenton/ZUMAPress.com

Gabrielle Union, indulging in cocktails and carbs at the Inn LW12th, a Canadian-inspired joint in the Meatpacking district, InWhySee. Gab was spotted with two of her gal babes, sharing the penne pasta appetizer. Wonder if they were gossiping over her reported romance with Ludacris? Gabby arrived at the hooker-adjacent spot in a Black Escalade around 6:30 peeyem and was “gorgeous” in a black jeans and top ensemble. Getting her shop on back west was...
Christina Aguilera

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMApress.com

Christina Aguilera, stockin’ up on procreation gear at Bel Bambini. The obvs preggers pop tart was toting someone else’s tyke around the trendy Robertson Boulevard store. “She’s tiny,” reports our womb witness. Packs of paparazzi were waiting outside the store for Xtina’s exit, and several bod-goons had to clear a path to her car. “It was a nightmare,” says Desk Flashbulb. “Then they sped after her car, almost crashing into several other drivers!” Having a more relaxed day was...
Laurence Fishburne, Gina Torres

Vaughn Youtz/ZUMAPress.com

Laurence Fishburne, getting groceries at Whole Foods in WeHo with his wife, Gina Torres, and their new baby. The proud 'rents were both very casual, and their newborn has “lots of hair”...no bald babies here! The surprisingly happy fam shopped for about 20 minutes and left without being recognized (almost). Getting more attention elsewhere was...
Alanis Morissette

Graham Jepson/WireImage.com

Alanis Morissette, in line for popcorn at the movies. Landmark Theatres at the Westside Pavilion. Ryan Reynolds’ ex-fiancée was approached by a few fans wanting pics while she waited and “was totally obliging.” The rocker was with a “very funky dude” who had dark eyes, dark hair and big black glasses, more of a popcorn hauler than a love interest, though, we're sorry to report. Alanis herself was in a velvety, loose-fitting jacket and jeans, jonesin' for Ry no more (we think).
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