We've got further deets, dish and theories behind the birthday suit snaps of Vanessa Hudgens. Plus, Star raids her old big-ass haunt The View for cable pow-wows, Constance Zimmer talks tykes and Abbie Cornish keeps her lips locked (for a change?)!
Vanessa Hudgens

Todd Williamson/WireImage.com

Whether it be nudie goss on Vanessa Hudgens or teasin’ trips from Star Jones Whomever, let’s have a little badass bouillabaisse today, sound good? Dive in, then!
Star Jones

Gary Gershoff/WireImage.com

Girls Just Wanna Have Comebacks:  Know that bull-merde about how Star Jones (no Reynolds anymore) says she hasn’t watched The View since getting the heave-ho? Well, that’s exactly what that is—bull you-know-what. According to buds closer to Jones than her own stomach staples, Ms. J just rang up her very own ABC replacement, Sherri Shepherd, and complimented the funny honey on her View performance, saying how much she enjoyed it. Then, of course, S.J. did her best to finagle a Court TV appearance from the younger babe. No word yet as to S2’s feelings on that one.

But the sapphic bum-kissin’ scheme worked wonders with Whoopi, who, as you may have heard, is planning an upcoming chitchat with Jones. Oh, that will be so edgy, I’m sure. Gonna ask Whoop who does her hair, Star?

Thomas Haden Church, Emmys Backstage

Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Boys Just Wanna Have Comebacks:  Asked Emmy nabber Thomas Haden Church backstage at the Shrine who does that colossally oversize blondie hairdo of his. “I do,” he fessed. Well, g-friends, before you go thinkin’ he’s gay or somethin’, remember he’s from...Texas, land of fruits ‘n’ nuts ‘n’ big hair ‘n’ big butts. And on that sexist note, when I saw Lost winner Terry O’Quinn with that hot-pink job he was wearing, I sassed, “You know what they say about guys who wear pink, don’t you?” “Yeah, that it takes a brave man,” he re-sassed (and which the L.A. Times so stole from me).
Abbie Cornish

Franziska Krug/ActionPress/ZUMApress.com

Lips Together, Rep Apart:  Abbie Cornish, the Aussie actress who so swimmingly befriended Ryan Phillippe (on/offer to sweetie-poo Reese Witherspoon) while on the set of Stop Loss, was terribly circumspect in Hollywood on Emmys weekend. A.C. appeared at a reception for Australians in Film’s showing of Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Cate Blanchett’s latest surefire Oscar-nom vehicle, costarring Clive Owen and Geoffrey Rush. “How was it kissing Clive Owen?” Cornish was asked during a postscreening Q&A (not by moi, for a change). “I don’t remember,” she deferred. Oh, please! “I so don’t believe you,” I whispered to Cornish during the reception following. “No, really, with all the wardrobe I had to take off...” Whatev. This woman appears to have been through a recent crash course in dude-distancing, wonder why?
Nicole Kidman, Vanity Fair

Patrick Demarchelier / Vanity Fair

Rep Together, Mouthpieces Apart:  Nicole Kidman and her myriad Hollywood handlers (i.e., her publicist and that of the mag Vanity Fair) have rung me up in a huff after our recent little item about all not apparently being peachy during N.K.’s latest cover shoot for the celeb-smooching rag. “It went wonderfully,” both parties previously mentioned agreed. Yeah, just not what I heard from Down Under, where the shoot occurred, that’s all. No biggie, really—and remember, Ms. K only seemed a tad “out of it,” I was told. Please calm down, everybody! Everybody’s saying Nic’s latest forehead furor might be starting up again, so give the babe an inch already, ‘kay?
Kaycee Stroh

Krista Kennell/ZUMA Press

High School Epidermis Test:  “I can’t comment about anything. It’s a no comment.” That’s what High School Musical star Kaycee Stroh semiapologetically told Cristina Gibson last week at an Emmy swag suite when asked if she’d talked to Vanessa Hudgens since the naked pics were leaked. Seems Disney (or her publicist, perhaps) has put the kibosh on Kaycee giving any opinion on the whole sitch.
Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens

Todd Williamson/WireImage.com

Although Disney hasn’t really said if it's dropping Vanessa or keeping her on for HSM 3, one insider suspects she might not be all that bummed if given the boot. Rumor has it that Vanessa and b-f Zac Efron aren’t dying to do a third High School Musical turn. (V's also allegedly not dying to pay her legal fees, according to a lawsuit filed by her former lawyer, but that's a whole other nasty pro sitch.)

And if she does end up getting bounced over the birthday-suit snaps, it might not be the worst thing to happen to the chica, careerwise. Because in one swoop, V.H. has shed her squeaky-clean good-girl image, gotten way more press than anyone else in the cast and might be on her way to getting more mature, less Disney singing and dancing roles. But that’s just a jaded but true analysis.

Constance Zimmer

Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com

Entourage didn’t take home top prize at the Emmys, but Constance Zimmer had something even better to show off on the carpet at the HBO after-party: a baby bump! The gal who plays fiery studio bigwig Dana Gordon gabbed that she’s six months along and expecting a baby girl. Love it! Super congrats!

“They were hiding it on the show, because they didn’t know,” added Constance, clad in a scarlet dress with some serious cleavage. “I didn’t tell anyone!” Now, don’t expect to see any pregnancy storylines for her character next season, either. “I’m gonna be so svelte and skinny by the time we come back in March that nobody will ever know!” she swore. Good luck on that one, girlfriend.
Jeremy Piven

Maury Phillips/WireImage.com

Constance also had nothing but nice things to say about fellow castmate Jeremy Piven, with whom she's often performing screaming- and expletive-laden scenes. “He’s not scary at all. He is the sweetest guy ever. It’s all for show,” C.Z. fantasy-fessed. “That’s why it’s fun. I don’t curse like that in real life. I’m such a nice person...I never say the F-word!”

Just wait until you’re in the delivery room, doll-cake. Ladies in labor are allowed to be total potty-mouths in our book.

William Shatner

Frank Mullen/WireImage.com

William Shatner, getting mobbed by adoring fans. The Star Trek senior studmuffin hit the Lab Series Luxury Spa at the Sofitel for a facial and massage with his wife-unit in tow. Postpampering, rather zaftig Willy got recognized by tons o’ peeps and had to be escorted to the service elevator by security. The power of the boob-tube, eh? Slightly less conspicuous across the pond was...
David Schwimmer

Niklas Halle'n/Express UK/ZUMApress.com

David Schwimmer, peepin’ a play. The former Friends star was spotted during intermission at a performance of All About My Mother at the Old Vic Theater in London. Davey looked “surprisingly good” in a black baseball cap and was “slimmer than expected.” Desk London reports he was with a blond girl—not slutty, per usual, but one who looked more like a Biz type than a bedroom partner. Getting nooky goodies elsewhere was...
Kevin Dillon

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

Kevin Dillon, checkin’ out lingerie and massage candles from Undercover Wear. The Main Event Green Emmy Lounge at the Friar’s Club in Beverly Hills. The Entourage Emmy nom said he couldn’t wait to share his swag with his lovely lady at home. Nothing like some mattress action to take away the sting of losing, right? Struttin’ solo in South Beach was...
Anna Kournikova

Paul Fenton/ZUMApress.com

Anna Kournikova, partying at Pearl with her girls. The retired Russian tennis player was spotted sans Enrique once again, but she was nevertheless having a good time—a very, very good time. See, Ms. K was spotted getting tipsy in one of the VIP balconies. Making a toast to being single, perhaps? Wouldn’t surprise moi.
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