Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's latest ree-dick red carpet outing—oh, my, have they finally reconciled fer good? (Do you care?) Oh, and is she preggers? Plus, the cast of Entourage dishes about penis envy, ball-bustin’ babes and Hillary Clinton. You're welcome...
Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler

Chris Weeks/

When Travis Barker showed up at the Complex magazine fifth-anniversary party at Area, he had a familiar accessory on his arm...his once estranged wife Shanna Moakler. Yep, seems this gruesome twosome is so over their silly MySpace spats and are totally back in love. They were all kissy and cuddly on the carpet, where I asked what the most complex thing about their relationship is.

“We have strong personalities, both of us,” Shanna answered. “We’re both very similar.” 

Didn’t really look like it last night, as Travis was all tattooed up and Shanna was sans makeup. But the fresh-faced look was a little frightening on her, must say. She also was rocking an Empire-waist top under her fur coat, which made me think of the pregnancy rumors that keep popping up about the gal.

“No, I am not pregnant!” she laughed, when I queried if congrats were in order. “Why, do I look it?”  

Not definitely, but why rock the flowy tops all the time if there’s nothing to hide? Maybe she likes keepin’ us press peeps guessin’?

Jenny McCarthy

Nancy Kaszerman/

Oh, and just in case you're curious as to what’s on Miz Moakler’s plate now that their MTV reality show, Meet the Barkers, is over, I’ve got an inkling. She’s just one of the blond, buxom babes trying out to fill the shoes once occupied by one Jenny McCarthy. Yep, I hear they’re resurrecting MTV’s dating show Singled Out, which Jen-babe hosted way back before she was a big stah.
Miss USA Tara Conner

Florent Carmin/

Also on the audition list? The recently rehabbed former Miss USA Tara Conner. Oh, hottie heavens. Why do I think this reincarnation of the original version ain’t gonna be such a hit?
Entourage: Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven

Claudette Barius/HBO

Did you all catch the premiere ep of Entourage on Easter Sunday? If not, I’ll give you a quick recap. Vince (Adrian Grenier) has dumped his bulldog agent (Jeremy Piven) for a hot female one (Carla Gugino), who’s trying to get him to sign on to an Edith Wharton period piece.
Constance Zimmer

Lisa O'Connor/

So, this switch of agent sexes on the show got me thinking about powerful women in real life, of course. I asked Constance Zimmer, who played a tough-ass studio exec on the show last season, how the world would be diff if we had a female president, like Hillary Clinton, for ince.

“Well, maybe there would be a little more sensitivity in the world,” she surmised. “Maybe some decisions would be made with a little bit more thought, because men don’t really think that hard.” 

You don’t say, doll? Tell me more.

“But women think a lot!” the gal continued. “We analyze everything, to the utmost. To the point where it can be annoying.”  

This is also totally true, in my opinion. But really, isn’t it better to overthink something rather than underthink a big decision? Like going to war, for ince?

Then again, Hil did vote for Iraq, so maybe that theory doesn’t hold a lotta H20 after all.

Also seems some dudes get way intimated by successful, ballsy babes, doesn’t it? I asked Piven for his two cents on that one. “I think anyone that does their job well is sexy,” he declared.

Carla Gugino

Paul Fenton/

“I think someone like Carla Gugino, who happens to be this beautiful, self-empowered woman playing this powerful, sharp woman, I think it’s all great.” Oh, I bet you do, babe.

Hilary Swank, John Campisi

And speaking of Carla’s character, plotting rumor has it she starts dating her new client Vince at some point this season. I asked Adrian if he’d ever do that in real life, à la Hilary Swank and John Campisi.  

“You know, there are certain lines one should not cross, but f--k it! Why not?” said the normally low-key, laconic looker. “Rules were meant to be broken, right?”  

Oh yeah, boyfriend. Especially here in H'wood, where fornicating your way to the top is de rigueur, right?

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