Dancing with the Stars upcoming gyration gab fer ya...plus, Eva Longoria’s latest look-at-me madness, including who is—and who’s not—attending Eva-hon’s triple-seven French wedding this summer. Sounds like Desperate Fiancées to moi...
Eva Longoria

Anthony Harvey/WireImage.com

As if Eva Longoria isn't everywhere already, she now joins the illustrious ranks of peeps like Mischa Barton who shill as spokesmodels for Bebe. Eva was feted as the new face of the brand with a bash at Skybar last Wednesday, when and where she also celebrated her 32nd B-day (again) with a strawberry key lime cake. Yum for the nonexistent tum!

"Tomorrow is my actual birthday," Eva-doll revealed, as if it were a political declaration of great import. "I spent my birthday with Tony already, so that was the romantic birthday. Now, it's just fun!"

Brenda Strong

Gary Lewis/ZUMAPress.com

As far as finessing the fiancé (who wasn't in the house that night) and other touchy subjects go, I can't help but wonder what the chances are of Eva becoming a desperate housewife in real life. I asked E.L.'s DH costar Brenda Strong to weigh in.

"Oh, slim to none!" the statuesque siren poohed-poohed. "I think everyone has their issues, but ultimately, she's got a great guy and a great future, and it's kind of a dream."

I asked Brenda-babe if she'd be attending the wedding in Paris, for which those delightfully tacky red velvet announcements went out. "Absolutely!" she enthused. But what about the rest of the notoriously catty crew?

"I have no idea if anyone else is going, but we're making every effort to be there," she said.

Teri Hatcher and Stephen Kay, fer sure, right?

Katherine McPhee

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com

Also at the same watery bash, for whatever reason, was Katherine McPhee, American Idol's runner-up from last season. Of course, I had to get her (salted, hopefully) opinion on the whole Antonella Barba, scandalous pics sitch. I asked Kat if she should have gotten the boot like Frenchie did for her topless jobs.

"I think it depends on whether or not the producers and people behind American Idol knew about the pictures," she replied, a little too evenly for my debauched tastes. "The one thing they don't like on American Idol is if you're not honest."

(Especially Simon Cowell, it seems.)

Antonella Barba


"We had to divulge every detail about our lives before we were on the show, and it's important, because they're there to protect you," K.M. continued, suddenly taking on the role of Mother Idol. "Maybe [Antonella] was honest and that's why they protected her."

That must be it.

I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's a young, hot, nubile thing whom some of the hornier judges prolly Googled privately, for research purposes only.

Justin Timberlake

Axel/ZUMA Press

Justin Timberlake, peeping an art exhibit. The swingin' single singer was spotted Tuesday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, checkin' out the Rudolf Stingel collection. Brit-Brit's first, and best, got all cultural in a green zip-up track jacket, jeans and white sneaks; he also ate lunch at the museum café with an unidentified gal after feasting his eyes on the funky exhibits. Browsing and buying way back west was...

Ali Larter

Kevin Parry/WireImage.com

Ali Larter, takin' a spin through the shops on Robertson Boulevard, aka paparazzi paradise. The Heroes hottie hit Lisa Kline with her mama in tow to pick up a red and white anchor sweater by Primp. I hear her teenage costar Hayden Panettiere has the same exact top, which she scored at an Oscar suite, and Ali just had to have one for herself. Too bad Ms. El actually had to pay for hers. High above the Sunset Strip at another hot spot were...
Hilary Duff

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMAPress.com

Hilary and Haylie Duff, perched at a cushy corner table. Skybar on Wednesday night, where an assortment of beverages and bottles were lined up on their VIP table. Hey now, Hil isn't 21, but I guess I'll leave her alone, since she hasn't been snapped staggering out of Hyde sans panties or anything...yet. Actually, gotta say the gal's shown considerable composure, seeing as her ex Joel Madden has been sucking face with Nicole Richie all over town, so snaps for that, sistah!
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