Are the breakup blabbings about Justin Timberlake ‘n’ Cameron Diaz really true this time? Too bad, so sad. Hey, former Mouseketeer and messy mom Britney Spears is available, but something tells me Mistah T.’s got other blondes on the brain…
Britney Spears

Isn't it too fun to watch the public trials 'n' tribulations of Britney Spears and her old man (I mean the really old one), Justin Timberlake? If he's not ripping off pop-diva's bodices on national TV, he's eternally engaged to hottie Cam Diaz, who's been on 'n' off so many times with J.T., I'm sure this latest whatever won't last, right?

Regardless, the point is Justin's shone, while Britney's greased herself up with trash 'n' such beyond belief. So much so, her fam's been trying to get the poor pop tart into redo territory (for lots o' things, trust) for ages. A lot of people know that now.

I was reluctant prior, as I don't really like to blow the cleanup stuff in these folks' lives before they decide to, but I think that remod stuff's pretty much outta the 2007 bag by now.

Courtney Love

Vaughn Youtz/

At least, that's what this recovering drunk's observing. (Oh, and no, I am not drinking again, contrary to snitty reports too funny for words otherwise—as, darlin's, if I was gonna pick up something lethal again, I'm sure it would be either a Philip Morris cancer stick or something outta Courtney Love's candy jar, not sure which I'd choose first—but never mind.)

It's just interesting to moi that it was B.S.' papa—not her mama—who was, I'm told by Spears fam members, pushing hardest all along for this new, cleansing chapter in Brit-Brit's life. Jeez.

What is it with famous outta control gals and their pedal-to-the-media-metal mommies, coasting right alongside fer the hellacious ride?

Justin Timberlake

Lester Cohen/

Anticipation and speculation were in the air Wednesday night at the Alpha Dog premiere…and it wasn't 'cause this movie is finally getting released.

It was because Justin (or Mr. Timberlake to us commoners) was starring in said flick.

And rumors, like I said, were running rampant that he'd split with longtime lady-baby Cameron Diaz.

Would he come with Cam? Would he come at all? There were even some mouthings that Britney S. might be a surprise guest (with Paris H., no less), can you imagine?

Dominique Swain

Lisa O'Connor/

Well, J.T. did indeed show…solo. Wise move on his part, because if he wants to be known as a "serious actor," you at least gotta come to the premiere and yap to the press about your "craft" and all that BS, right?

Oops, almost forgot. Justin refused to take acting lessons for his role in this suburban-white-kids-gone-gangsta flick. "I took classes when I was really young," he said of his decision a while back. "I just use that as much as possible. For me, it seems more natural not to do as much as that."

Hmmm…try more convenient. Is that too bitchy of me to say?

I asked costar Dominique Swain to weigh in on Justin's innate thespian talents.

"He's a natural!" she gushed. "And [director] Nick Cassavetes is a genius."

Guess you can see for yourself when the movie hits theaters Friday.

Jon Voight

Glenn Weiner/

Now, on to what you really care about: Are Justin and Cam splitsville or what? While I waited for Justin, Jon Voight, always good for a quote (or 10), weighed in on the sitch.

"I didn't know until recently," he said, heating the latest bustup biz between the two blondies. "I know them both a little bit, you know—I don't know them real well."

All the more reason to dish, boyfriend! Shoot!

"I'm always sad when people break up," he said. "But they're young, and we'll see what happens."

Yuck. Like, could Jon have some inside info? Or ya think he just picked up this week's Star mag to search for Angelina updates and happened across their cover story?

Perhaps most telling was Justin's answer to my query as he ducked past half the press and scooped inside: How was your holiday, sans Cam?

"It was great, thank you!" he exclaimed.

Hmmm…looks like he's not cryin' into his eggnog.

Other translation: Maybe this whatever is for good? Say it ain't so, you two! Your kids are gonna be more gorgeous than Brangelina's brood, just think about it!

Scarlett Johansson

Post-premiere P.S.: Guess who Justin hung with after his big shindig opening? Give ya one guess: the very same gal he picked for his love interest in his latest music vid, Scarlett Johansson. The two were spotted at Social, talkin' late into the night. Now, as I've reported before, the pro and personal lines between these two corn-hair types is getting increasingly blurred, poppin' and potentially buttery, no?

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA

Maggie Gyllenhaal, unscathed from the fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge, where she and the fam stayed over the holidays. The new mama was hiking up Runyon Canyon and hefting baby Ramona along with her. Now that's a friggin' workout! Mag-doll had her locks up and was clad in black and blue sweats, while baby was rockin' an evergreen hat and being toted oh so stylishly in a BabyBjörn carrier. Work it, girls! Mother-daughter power pairs elsewhere include…

Jamie Lynn Spears

Paul Fenton/

Jamie Lynn Spears and her mama, Lynn, headed for Hell-Ay. The Louisiana ladies took a United flight from New Orleans to the City of Fallen Matriarchs, perhaps to be with the über-"sleepy" Britster? Must also add that J.L.S. (who's totally becoming replacement Britney from her hot days, mark my words) and her ma flew coach and waited at the baggage claim for their own luggage. Gotta love that! Is Lynn actually learning to do things right with this one, I wonder? No paps in sight for these two Spears, by the by. Playing photographer in the same city was…

John Mayer

James Devaney/

John Mayer, back in town after his highly publicized New Year in New Yawk with one overly tanned Jessica Simpson. The tall and friendly J.M. was seen takin' a pic of chick in the hallway of Photogenics Media, where he was performing on the Blackbox stage that day. "Not as cute as he was a few years ago," says my lens spy, "but cute nonetheless." Duh...It's the hair, hon! Cut off those long girly-locks and your hotness will be back in no time, guaranteed. Oops, does that mean I need a buzz job again?

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