Which old-fashioned stars are against taking phone calls during sex? Read on and you’ll find out that pissy scoopage, along with which celebs, this time, are even pissier on things TomKat, can you imagine? Plus, this week’s Blind Vice is simply too sad, don’t say I didn’t warn ya!
Kate Walsh

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMApress.com

"Everything's great. That's so kind of yesterday's news, and we're just working our little tails off."

Kate Walsh, describing relations on the set of Grey's Anatomy since the Isaiah Washington incident

Pete Wentz

George Pimentel/Wireimage.com

And, uh, if ya believe the above, well, you prolly think all celebs in H-town are ecstatic that TomKat's gettin' hitched. Indeed, when that ol' sultry potty mouth, Pete Wentz, was asked at the Samsung BlackJack party (at Boulevard3) what he wanted to give the newlyweds—who, apparently, need nada—he replied:

"An alien detector."

Oh, Pete. Behave, boy!

Like I'm gonna do the same on the Today show tomorrow. Brave NBC network souls are having me on to gab all things TomKat nuptial-nonsense. Too fun!

Jenna Elfman

Vaughn Youtz/ZUMApress.com

Helio, the new wireless company headed by a Scientologist CEO, held a bash for its new phone, the Drift, last week. So, of course, the only Scientologists who weren't Rome-preoccupied came out to support: Jenna Elfman was there, and Beck even performed!

But, lotsa non-L. Ron Hubbard-ites came out for the bash, too. And since Helio touts itself as not a mere phone but a high-tech "homie" device with MySpace access, I was curious to know which stars were on the Space themselves.

Rex Lee

John Sciulli/WireImage.com

"I do have a MySpace page!" Rex Lee exclaimed to yours truly. "For whatever reason, a lot of people on MySpace enjoy my work and my character, and they wanna be my friend, so I approve them."

But does he give every request the go-ahead (like I do), or is he choosy about his cyberfriends?

"I pretty much approve everyone, except for those company spam pages," he said.

I asked him whether he knew of any faux Rexes running around MySpace. "There is somebody with a fake page," the authentic Rex told me. "It has a picture of my publicist—an Asian woman—that says, 'Rex, at his sister's birthday party'—but she's not my sister!"

Hayden Panettiere

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Also havin' cyberclone issues: Heroes' Hayden Panettiere, who said that the fake profiles of herself are hilarious to look at. "Some of the pictures on there I don't even have," she said. "I'm like, 'I've never seen that picture!' "

On the opposite end of the privacy scale are all the people yakkin' away these days on their cells in earshot of other people. I mean, I've seen people answer their phones at dinner, at appointments, even while in a public bathroom, for gawd's sake.

Another electric query o' the night was, "When should one never take a call?" And gotta hand it to Samaire Armstrong, who gave the best answer o' the bunch. "When you're having sex!" she squealed.

Couldn't agree more…but I bet it's happened before here in H-town, where "I gotta take this, it could be my agent or drug dealer," is often heard. Have you readers ever had a ringing cell ruin your bedroom romp? Betcha y'all have!

Kevin Connolly

Albert L. Ortega/WireImage.com

Kevin Connolly, being an imperfect gentlemen during lunch. Toast on Third in Hell-Ay last Friday. Kev, in jeans and a jacket, was dining with a random skinny girl with long hair (not Nicky Hilton obvs)."No one seemed to recognize him at first," said mouthy munchers. But then he suddenly got all Hollywood, throwing on his shades and jumping up midmeal to get his car from valet. K.C. sped away in a black Escalade without even waiting for his gal-pal's car to come, leaving her standing alone on the sidewalk. Manners, much, mister? More polite up north was…

Tim Gunn

Vivian Ronay/ZUMApress.com

Tim Gunn, of Project Runway notoriety, posin' for pics with fans after touching down in Seattle. Tim had taken a first-class flight in from JFK and managed to make air travel look stylish, clad in a leather blazer, black turtleneck and pinstripe pants. Tim told fans it was his first visit to the Emerald City, where PR just happens to have its biggest viewership. Style mavens elsewhere include…

Angie Harmon

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMAPress.com

Angie Harmon and Brittany Murphy, celebrating the grand opening of Carolina Herrera's new Hell-Ay store on trendy Melrose Ave. Angie-doll looked superskinny in a slinky strapless number...Can you believe that broad's popped out two kids and still has a bangin' bod? Guests got to nibble on miniquiches and chicken spring rolls, washed down with white cosmos. Too chic. Browsing at other posh locales was…

Rob Lowe

Avik Giboa/WireImage.com

Rob Lowe, being a good hub-unit and shoe shopping with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff. Barneys in Bev Hills. Miz B. kept saying, "I'll get you outta here as fast as possible," but the perfectly patient Rob seemed fine and looked around a lot. R.L., svelter, was wearing a suit and looked "exactly the same in person as he does on screen, and very fine," according to my sole spy. I'll second that, sistah!

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