David Cook, David Archuleta, American Idol

Frank Micelotta / FOX

Both are totally swoon-worthy, and both are totally capable of making the audience go ape-dookie. This is the lesson learned after being in attendance at tonight's taping of American Idol, where David Cook delivered his best performance yet (a standing O by Randy J!) and David Archuleta proved that despite whatever nightmare of a stage dad he may or may not have behind the scenes (you know you've heard it, too), the kid is impassioned and sincere and up to his hair follicles in talent. (You can't help but feel for him.)

So here's how the competish is shaping up: David and David as the two seemingly unbeatable Goliaths. And the dark horse? Jason Castro, says me! The kid is, as a certain Lost castmember just told me recently, "pure sex and pure talent." Whether you see the former or the later the following remains true: The votes just keep pouring in for the dreadlocked crooner.

Meanwhile, if you weren't one of the hundreds of crazed audience members rocking your Simon for President and I Love David posters tonight, here's a little BTS fodder to make you feel as though you were there...or at least read a post from some kind (and obsessed) soul who was...

Limo Alert:  Minnie Driver and Paula Abdul nearly ran me over! Minnie on my way in...Paula on my way out. This is what you get for trying to beeline through the VIP entrance and exit, FYI. Not to be advised without full-body armor! Minnie was giddily squealing with her girlfriend—"No one is excited as we are!"—before skipping to the AI stage, and Paula hugged my mom, which means she's alll right by me.  

VIP Section:  During the taping, Minnie Driver and her friend were sitting right next to Teri Hatcher (with her daughter, Emerson)...There wasn't much interaction between the two TV starlets, but Emerson did ask Randy to pose for a photo, and Simon gave Minnie his highest form of an intimate greeting: the double air kiss.  

They Can Just Get Along:  Just so's you knows, Simon and Paula were actually...wait for it...friendly. They chatted and laughed quite a bit during off-camera moments, and dare I say Simon actually seemed a bit affectionate toward her? Next week: Stand by for monkeys to fly out of my keister.

Also Spotted:  Ramiele and David Hernandez were sitting next to each other in the audience, and Ryan had to fill David's seat when he took too long getting a soda during a break...David Cook came into the crowd after his performance (during the break) to give his family some nice big hugs...and Whitney Port from The Hills was spotted—but not with any other Hills castmembers, as far as we could tell. Guess her new fashion job is not all that life consuming after all!

Who is your favorite after tonight? Comment below!

Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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